Minimalist Birch Bar Necklace





Introduction: Minimalist Birch Bar Necklace

Outdoors and modern? A longer, simple shape mixed with the natural highlights of tree bark will be sure to impress and shine on you! this project is incredibly easy, taking on a saw, sander of sorts, and a drill, and it is sure to bring results with your very own one of a kind necklace.

Step 1: Sourcing and Shaping

A long piece if kindling sized birch with bark will do. Cut to the appropriate length. Sand down wash edge, making it into a bar shape.

Step 2: ​Drilling and Mounting

Drill a hole with an electric drill, or a drill press preferably, and make sure to keep the hole within the size of a jump ring or other suitably connection. Add a jump ring to secure this to a necklace strap. Using a cord or a chain secure it another 90 degrees, so it rests facing outwards!

Step 3: Enjoy!

This modern and simple design combines the best of birch bark with a contemporary, modern look to fit all sorts of styles. its easy to make and looks great. Something I didn't consider was to stain the pendant, changing the color.



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Wow, this is so simple yet so ingenious. Love the look!