Picture of Minimalist Black Steel Desk

When we were moving into our new unfurnished apartment, we searched for furniture that would be cheap, easy to move, and look excellent with the room. After trolling around craigslist and finding an oblique mishmash of multicolored hand-me-downs, we threw up our hands, rolled up our sleeves, and went to TechShop to craft our own custom furniture.

This is one such piece: a sturdy, powder-coated steel desk that works great for your computer or home office!

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Time Needed: ~3 hours (plus about 30min/day for 2 days for lacquering)

Materials: (Total cost: ~$70)


  • Cold miter saw or horizontal band saw
  • MIG (or TIG) welder plus filler, clamps, accessories, and safety gear
  • Sand blaster
  • Powder coating gun, and a powder oven
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Power drill with 3/16" metal drilling bit
  • A faucet and cup of water
  • Hand grinder
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lethisam10 months ago

Good pictures!

Paige Russell10 months ago

That's a good looking desk!

FabricateIO (author)  Paige Russell10 months ago

Thanks! We were really going for something that's sturdy and really easy to build - but didn't look like it :)

seamster10 months ago

Nice, simple desk. I like it!