I wanted a small changing pad that could hold a couple of diapers and a travel packet of wipes to keep in my purse. But every product was too big, they're designed for strollers, not purses. So I decided to make one myself. And it worked out so well that I made a few more to document the experience.

A lady at the fabric store told me to sell these, but I actually feel guilty for doing that, they're so easy to make that it feels like robbery. Here are the instructions.

Step 1: Materials

For a changing pad with finished dimensions of 15" x 25":

  • one rectangle of cotton print, 16"x26" or 1" greater in length and width than final desired size (this allows for a half inch seam allowance on all four sides.) PREWASH before you cut it to size, or it'll fray and be smaller than intended.
  • one rectangle of fleece, same size as your cotton. Prewash this too.
  • one 18" strip of 3/4" wide elastic
  • thread in a compatible color (I use two colors, one to match the fleece, and one to match the print)
  • iron & ironing board
  • fabric shears
  • a sewing machine (or a vast amount of patience and skill to do this by hand)
Notes: Most cotton prints are sold in the 40" bolt. From half a yard, you can only get one changing pad, but from a full yard you can get three - two down the length of the fabric and one crosswise. Fleece, however, comes in a 60" bolt, and half a yard of fleece provides enough for two changing pads.

Nice one! I may try my hand at this :)
Do not feel guilty for making a small profit from your ingenuity and inventiveness. If you do not, a big company will, instead, make a huge profit from it.<br /> Many mothers (and fathers) are completely inept at making things. Some people find it challenging to even consider cutting a piece of fabric. These people would still benefit from something that is convenient; they would love to pay you for this. They would expect you to make some profit at it, and some may even be hurt, in a subconscious way, if you were to sell them at cost; they'd feel like they cheated you if they knew.<br /> So, what I'm trying to say is; the lady at the fabric store is right: you should sell these.<br />
I love it that you used those books as size reference. Yay for geek parenting!<br />
I did this one in no time at all. Fab idea. Did change one thing though, I used ribbon instead of elastic and just tie it in a bow. Thanks for an easy and useful Instructable.

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