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Introduction: Minimalist Christmas Tree

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For the minimalist decorator - or the merely ornament-challenged - here's a Christmas Tree that only features one bauble!

[Update: I've uploaded the patterns in the last step, due to popular demand!]

Step 1: No-waste Design

I designed this Christmas tree to be made in 3mm Birch Plywood, and it stands just 20cm (8 in) tall. But it can certainly be scaled up to any size. I made it to fit the 40mm diameter baubles I had lying around from last Christmas.

The design is simple: 4 identical sections joined by 2 hub connector pieces. The 4 section pieces are symmetrical such that they nest together into a neat rectangle, reducing waste and cut time.

I drew this pattern in AutoCAD and transferred it to the Cut2D software that drives my 4W Emblaser laser cutter to cut this out. You could certainly do this with a scroll saw or even a jig saw if you scaled it up!

Templates are attached in Step 4

Step 2: Cut and Assemble

On my home laser cutter it took a full 3 hours to cut out all the pieces! I'm sure a proper 40-60W CO2 laser would handle this in minutes!

Assemble 3 of the main section pieces to the hub-connector pieces, as shown in the third photo. If the pieces are a bit tight, some sandpaper will do the trick.

This forms a 3-sided cradle for a 40mm tree bauble. Pop the bauble in the centre before fitting in the last piece.

The tree should hold together by friction. Add glue if needed.

Step 3: Top It Off With a Star!

The star was made as a separate piece, simply because putting the topper on a tree is the best part, isn't it?

This star slots right in between the 4 sections. It can be held with some glue if it is loose.

Templates are in the next step.

Step 4: Templates

Here are the templates:

Big template is for a 270mm/11" tall tree (without the star). This fits a bauble of 59mm/ 2 5/16" diameter. Print at A3 size.

Small template is for a 180mm/7" tall tree (without the star). This fits a bauble of 39mm/ 1 1/2" diameter. Print at A4 size.

Both templates are drawn with slots for 3mm thick material.


Merry Christmas!




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    I downloaded the pdf files without any problems. I would also be interested in the autocad files so I can scale them.

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    sure, just PM me your email address as I can't attach files to the Instructables PMs.


    Update: Templates are uploaded in the last step of the instructable! Enjoy and please post photos if you make it. Merry Christmas all!

    I could not open either of the pages you sent me both said could not find this page would just like to let you know in case others are having the same problem

    Very nice! I would love the templates please!

    Very cute idea, love the colorful ornament in the middle

    Could you send me a template too thanks

    Can you send me this template? Thanks!