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Introduction: Minimalist Keyring (Swiss Army Style)

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As a man, the two things that I want to keep minimal are my wallet and my keys, as everything goes in my pockets not a bag. 

I keep my eye on kickstarter and these are two common items that appear. I found and really liked this one on kickstarter:

The only problem is that it's based in Australia and I'm in the UK. The cost/postage soon adds up, So I decided to make my own version on the cheap!

Obviously my version is nowhere near the quality of the kickstarter one, but it's cheap and still has the same key features!

They are Quiet; no jangling of keys. They are Organised; the keys remain in the same order. They are Personal; featuring a band of your choice. They are Protected and Protective; far less risk of scratching your other items.

These are great as a stocking filler or as a personalised/hand made gift too.

Date Made: Dec 2013
Approx Cost: £1
Approx Time: 15 mins
Difficulty: Easy

Step 1: Things You Need


* Wrist Band (charity one or bought one; the livestrong type ones)
* Stationery Book Binding Screws (of various lengths) a.k.a Interscrews
* Keys!


* Scissors or Knife
* Hole Punch
* Screwdriver or coins (to do up Interscrews)

Step 2: Cut Wrist Band to Length

Cut your wrist band loop so it becomes a strip.

Next cut it so that it is about 2.5 times the length of a key.

The more keys you have, the longer it needs to be.

If you have words on the wrist band, you may want to try and cut it so that the words remain intact.

Step 3: Punch Holes

Use the hole punch to punch a hole in either end of the wrist band strip.

Step 4: Neaten Ends

Use a key as a template - line up the punched holes with the holes of a key, then round off the ends of the wrist band to make it look neat.

Step 5: Put Together and Enjoy

Find an appropriate length binding screw (depending on the number of keys you have, and how tight you want them).

Put the screw through one end of the wrist band, then your keys and then the other end of the wrist band.

Ensure the screws are tightened up (or use a locking compound if you don't want to do them all the way up), you don't want to lose your keys!

You could put washers on between the keys to space them out of you wanted.

Use everyday, use just for your spare keys, or give them as a gift!

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I saw bunch of such screws on Ebay that show the diameter of the "shaft" at 5mm or 4.9 etc. which might not work for some of my key holes. What's the diameter of the ones you used? Please do share/ reply.

I haven't got mine any more so can't measure it, but it fit snugly through a Yale type key. Didn't have other key types at the time.

Great idea! I've just made my own keyring using a screw, a nut and a rubber band that I've cut from a shampoo container. I've to add an extra fold in to the rubber band in order to protect the nut.
Thanks for sharing!


I think you can also enlarge the fold a little to house smaller keys (for padlocks etc).

I bet it wont cost you a cent extra ;-)

Nice. A domed nut might work? - you wouldn't have to protect the nut that way, but you would have to cut the thread to length...

The additional fold might actually be a nice little tab to but the D-ring you mentioned earlier for a car key or key fob or other item that isn't compatible with the nut-and-bolt part (like @galensim was looking for). Additionally, the tab could technically be folded to hide the raw end inside of the nut and bolt area which might be more aesthetically pleasing (I like this look though tbh)

You are right. I wanted to avoid pointy edges so I added an extra fold, that was my first idea. Cutting the thread to length wouldn't be a problem. I'll try the domed nut solution. Thanks!

I accidentally deleted the previous post ...

So I'll write everything from scratch.

Thanks for the guide.

Thanks to you I made a great key chain

I bought the screw hardware store.

I took the The leather strap from an old leather bag.

And I ordered the memory key from eBay.

And all this for less than $ 6.

Thanks also to the link that is exactly the style I was looking for.


Another I just found on kickstarter...