Minimalist Kindle Cover (for Kindle e-ink, 6")

Picture of Minimalist Kindle Cover (for Kindle e-ink, 6
This is a minimalist Kindle cover made with the box that the Kindle comes in and a few other supplies. I was looking to buy a cover/case, but found that most of them were just too bulky and I really only wanted something to protect the screen. It will work for any of the Kindle's with a 6" e-ink display, and may work with other brands of ebook readers too.
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Step 1: Gather supplies

Supplies you need:
  • Cutting board (or some kind of cutting surface)
  • Xacto knife (or some kind of sharp cutting tool)
  • Metal straight edge (for cutting)
  • Kindle box
  • Cloth about 5.5 in by 7.5 in (will be on inside surface of cover against the Kindle screen)
  • (2) elastic hair ties (you could probably improvise with something similar if these are not available)
  • Gaffers tape (or cloth tape, duct tape, electricians tape)
  • Ruler
  • Double-stick tape
Time required:
About 1 hour, maybe 1.5 hours if you are extra careful and take your time.

Step 2: Cut the first layer out of the Kindle box

Picture of Cut the first layer out of the Kindle box
Unfold the Kindle box and remove the slot that is glued to the inside of the cover. You want to be a bit careful not to rip too much of the cardboard off with the glue, but it doesn't matter too much since it will be covered in the end. Then, cut out a rectangle 4.5 in wide by 6.5 in tall.

Step 3: Cut notches in corners for straps

Picture of Cut notches in corners for straps
Make pencil marks near two opposite corners to indicate where notches will be cut to hook the hair ties in (which will act as straps). I sort of eyeballed it to make it 45 degrees, but you at least want the space between the pencil marks (where you will cut the notches) to be 2.1875 in (2 3/16") apart.

(I decided to put only two straps on instead of four. I always try to reduce to the bare minimum required, especially when I'm creating something that is supposed to be minimal. Four seemed redundant, but you can easily modify this step to add four straps if you like. However, after completing it, I'm guessing that four straps may make it a bit cumbersome to put the cover on and off.)