Picture of Minimalist Purse
Summer weather stirs my minimalist side. I find myself wanting what basically amounts to a roomy pocket, but I don't necessarily want to wear something with pockets, or deal with pocket-bulge.

I want a purse that I can wear hands-free, and that will (securely) hold my phone, a couple of cards and some cash, my chapstick, and a tampon. One that will also take care of a single key (or two, maximum), so that I can avoid carrying around my heavy keychain with a bunch of stuff I don't need.

This is it. It's a fairly simple project, but the goal isn't for the purse to be as simple as possible -- the goal is for the purse to make your life as a simple as possible while you're using it. That's why there are a few features I took the time to install, and which required a little extra hardware.

I made this purse in about 3 hours.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For the pattern

Paper (I used my favorite pattern paper, a cut-up grocery bag)
A pen, a ruler, and an idea of what it's going to carry

For the purse

1/4 yard each of:
- an exterior fabric (choose something on the sturdy side; I recommend linen or cotton)
  NB: you may need more than 1/4 yard if you use this fabric to make the strap as well. My exterior fabric is a 1.25 yd remnant.
- an interior fabric (I recommend cotton)
- heavy-weight fusible interfacing


2 D-rings
an S-biner or something similar
some sew-on velcro
grosgrain ribbon (I bought 1/2 yard)

Step 2: Prep Work and Pattern Design

As always, wash and dry your fabric first with hot water and a hot dryer to shrink everything as much as possible. Then iron.
(*Do not wash/dry fusible interfacing, for obvious reasons.)

The pattern is simply a long rectangle, with two fold lines: one at the bottom and one at the top where the flap will be. The flap edge is very slightly rounded. My finished purse will be about 5"x6", which will accommodate my phone and the other things I need.
Very cute design! Just what you need, and I love that fabric, fun and colorful :D

Too cute.

Very pretty!
BayRatt2 years ago
Will have to show this to my daughter, her favourite minimalist purse wore out, and she hasn't been able to find anything she really likes. This might be what she is looking for!
Pretty cool