Step 5: Lacing 'Em Up

I tried to keep the lacing instructions simple. Please refer to the pictures below for more detail!

First, prepare a 6' length of paracord (5' for children, as in this Instructable) by melting the ends slightly and pinching them while still hot, to facilitate putting them through the holes. Use pliers if you're prone to sizzling your fingers. Now put one end through the top of the toe hole and tie your favorite knot on the bottom (pictured is a figure eight).

Follow the pictures below to complete the lacing. Once you are done, complete these steps for the other sandal (look at the monitor through a mirror if you're directionally challenged!).
jscherrer4 years ago
Just made a pair of these out of some older leather I had on hand. After the second mile I had to adjust a little, but all in all the 6 miles I did on gravel and pavement felt pretty good with no blisters. These will help my barefoot training when in the city. Thank you again. Jacob Scherrer
2011-08-23 21-57-39.384.jpg
offseid (author)  jscherrer4 years ago
Awesome, they look great! And to answer fireburner, the form that you use when running barefoot (or minimal) is a lot less stressful on the soles than you'd think. Ideally, the foot makes contact with the ground and leaves the ground with only minimal movement over the surface itself. You don't "push off" when running this way, but rather just lift the leg as you move forward.

So as long as the rubber is thick enough (and the holes cleanly punched enough), there shouldn't be any tearing or destruction for a long time!
Look great, wonder how they would hold up on a 4 mile run?
My total run was 6 so they did well so far. I will take them camping and do some rock climbing to test out the durability in wet conditions.
Molinos5 years ago
If you made two holes at the toe, you could loop the cord through and avoid the knot under you foot.  This would have two strings coming up across the top of the foot, which could offer more interesting "Lacing" options.
boinger Molinos5 years ago
I would be worried that a narrow "loop" would tear through, no?