Picture of Minimalist Style Dresser with Electronics Bay
This is a design for  a minimalist- style bedroom dresser with one of drawer spaces enhanced to support cable box,/dvr, stereo, etc.  Now you don't have to choose between a dresser and an entertainment center.  

Constructed from plywood using pocket screw construction.  -it  can be built with a table saw, pocket screw jig and a drill.  About as easy as furniture construction can get.

I also plan to  make a movable false-drawer front for the electronics bay,   but haven't figured it out yet.

UPDATE:  The instructable  for a drop down false drawer front for the bay is now available:

I made it at TechShop
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools

1 + 1/2 sheets 3/4 inch  veneer face plywood ( top, sides,bottom,  braces, drawer faces)
1/2 sheet 1/2 inch plywood  (drawer frames)
1 sheet 1/4 inch luan plywood (drawer bottoms, back)
40 feet edge banding veneer (optional)
50 (approx) 1/14 inch pocket screws
12 4 x3/4 wood screws (for back)
48 1 inch finish nails or brads
6 drawer handles
5 sets 14 inch drawer slides
wood glue
1 pint varnish
220 grit sandpaper

Table saw with a good plywood blade
pocket screw jig (with drill bit)
clothes iron (for applying veneer)
vibrating sanders
2 to 4 bar clamps (optional)
Very nice. What would you say was your approximate materials cost?
dogtooth (author)  bathsheba_everdene1 year ago


Cost varies greatly based on materials selected. For the materials I used- probably around $200 USD if paying full retail for materials for just one unit.

Tazmjm691 year ago
Great idea, it turned out nice. I know you don't have a lot of room to play with for the false drawer front, but maybe a length of piano hinge on the bottom and some kind of a magnetic catch on top. Good luck
dogtooth (author)  Tazmjm691 year ago

I did end up creating a drop down drawer hinge that has worked pretty well. The instructable is here:

I'm glad to see that you worked it out, it looks just like a normal dresser and you would never know it was there. Turned out great!