While experimenting with the laser cutter at the Instructables work shop, I became intrigued by the letterpress-like effect of laser etched paper. Wanting to make something that utilized this feature, I decided on a calendar. Filling in etched areas with a pencil adds a uniquely tactile experience and a useful visual cue for remembering important dates. I've attached my original .ai file for anyone who wants to edit the layout or update for coming years.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


18" x 24" or larger sheet of card stock paper*
A scrap piece of card stock for testing laser settings
2 binder clips
2 push pins or nails
Duct tape (bonus points for digital camo style)


Laser Cutter
Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw

*Etching on lighter colors will yield a natural color contrast as a result of the laser burning the paper's fibers. Darker hues yield less contrast; this can be a fun feature when combined with a contrasting colored pencil as each day seemingly appears from a blank page. If you'd like to see details on the kind of paper I used, here's a link:
<p>Nice idea, need to make it for the 2016 calendar :)</p>
<p>I use magnets to hold paper and textiles down in my cutter. I got some 20mm magnets from Ebay and 3D printed some coloured holders for them, hey presto, easy to use and easy to find. I keep them attached to the inside of my cutter case.</p>
Thanks Imnopeas!
Great work!!! I like it!!! :-)
Thanks again!
You are welcome!
Glad you like!

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