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Introduction: Minimalistic Led Clock

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In this instructables, I will show you how to make a simple/minimalistic led clock.

The clock shows 3 dots.
One from the seconds (blue), one for the minutes (yellow) and one for the hours (red).

Let's get started!

Step 1: Parts

For this clock, you'll need several parts. These are:

Step 2: Schematic

This project has pretty simple wiring.

First you connect both rings after each other.

Then you connect the input of the rings to pin D9 on the arduino.

After that, you can connect the RTC to the arduino on pins A4, A5 and D2.

Step 3: Clock Overlay

I made a pretty basic layout, which fits the led rings.

I printed it on heavy paper, so the leds aren't that bright.

After you printed it, just cut out the circles and its ready to use.

Step 4: Code

In the code, I used 2 libraries.

The first one is the adafruit Neopixel library

And the second one is the RTClib

To set the time, connect the arduino to the computer and open clock.exe in clock.rar.
It will show all com ports available and ask you which port you want to use. Just type "COM0" where 0 is the number you want. The script should automatically update the time of the RTC using the time off your computer.

Step 5: Resume

That's it, now you have a simple led clock.

I hope you liked it and you are able to recreate it yourself.



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    Hi, really nice proyect, but I don't really understand the power supply for the clock and the Arduino. Could you explain please? can the arduino be powered by batteries?

    1 reply

    As power supply for the project I used a usb wall wart.

    You can power it from a battery, but I don't think it will run for a long time. Because the leds and the arduino use quite some power.


    Thanks for posting links on where to get the parts! That really helps.

    Great project ,but the power source u. Used and can I used a arduino uno instead

    1 reply

    Yes, you can use an arduino uno.

    As power source I used a 1A USB charger, as there are only 3 led's on at the same time, which brings it to about 3*60mA = 180mA for the led's.

    If you want to have all the led's on at the same time, you should have a power supply capable of delivering 5A (84*60mA).


    Great! inspired me to make one.

    I just love anything to do with time and clocks. Thanks.

    1 reply