Minimalistic Mini Display Stand





Introduction: Minimalistic Mini Display Stand

So it's raining outside and you are stuck with indoor activities eventhough you have loads to do! Well you can make something really useful and quick, and what's more you can do it with kids!

These minimalistic display stands are so cute and useful. It's great for place cards, photos and cards.

This however does not work for large and heavy pictures! :-)

Step 1: Materials

Scrap wood- my wood was 1/2" thick and 1 1/4" wide.

Saw with miter box / jigsaw/ chop saw / table saw - basically any saw!

sander/ sandpaper

Paint of choice - Acrylic paint is best as it dries quicker and is easy for clean up!'s very simple stuff you can find at home!

Step 2: Measure and Cut

As I wanted my blocks to be squarish I marked 11/4" along the wood.

Next mark a line off center. Saw along this line leaving about 3/16" from the bottom.

Now cut through the next line ( which is the 1 1/4" line marked first).

Test fit. While the thin line is okay for thin place cards and photos, it wasn't enough for my cards. So I made the slot wider. This I feel is more flexible as you can use it for either thin or thinck cards. If you feel it flops too much you can add a small card at the back!

Step 3: Sand and Paint!

Once you have cut your block, you just sand them and paint! Notice I'm painting indoors as it's raining! :-)

Acrylic paint works great as it dries in minutes even indoors!

Arn't these babies cute? I love the colors of rainbows and butterflies! How about you??

Step 4: Display in Style!

Now that you have made your cute display stand, go ahead and show off your pictures and cards in this utterly cute way!

Hope you find this instructable useful!

And don't forget to vote for it too! :-) Thanks!



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I love the last picture using burlap. I also like the stands. I need to make a few of them for myself. Thanks for sharing shazni~

Simple, easy, but brilliant idea. TYSM, I'll be voting for it.

Thanks loads! Really appreciate it :-)

Found it and voted, good luck!!

Which catagory do I vote in plz?