Introduction: Minion Cake

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The two best things in the world, Minions and cake. So why not combine them to get a... MINION CAKE!

Step 1: Make Your Cake

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cake mix (of any flavor)

Icing(vanilla or lemon)

Sour straps

Caning lid



1. Find your favorite cake recipie.

2. Make your cake whether its a store bought vanilla cake, made from scratch chocolate cake, confetti cake or any other flavor.

3. Let your cake cool.

Step 2: Ice It

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1. Take vanilla or lemon icing.

2. If you are using lemon icing add a tiny tiny itiwiti little bit of yellow dye to make the colour darker. If you choose to use vanilla icing, add yellow food dye till you get a nice, bright "BANANA" coloured yellow.

Step 3: Making the Eye

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Now its time to make the eye.

1. Get a canning lid and pop out the top.

2. trace the inside of the can and draw a eye in the circle.

3. Now cut out the circle and glue or tape it to the inside of the canning lid.

4. Take those sour straps and cut them to the length of your cake( it looks better if you slice out the red ). line them up beside the eye to see how they look.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

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Were very close to finishing.

1. Place the eye in the centre of the cake

2. Line up the sour straps beside the eye and stick em to the cake

3. if you want a mouth take the left over red and make it a mouth.

Hope you enjoy


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