Introduction: Minion Costume

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Things you need.
Glue gun and numerous sticks
Paint ;
Yellow. Black. Silver. White
8mm camping mats X 3
Minion pictures for reference
patience lots of

Step 1: Template

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I made a template out of cardboard for the top of head and made the Minion glass eye from foam. A couple of strips for the strap to go round Minion head. A 8inch circle for the glass

Step 2: More Foam

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I used two 8mm foam camping mats for the main body

Step 3: Drawing

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I drew the smile on the mat where I thought it may go

Step 4: Cut Outs

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I cut a small circle for eye then used mesh to make it darker and able to see through.
Also where I thought the smile would go I cut that out too.
I glued small teeth shapes on. Also asked daughter to go inside and cut out arm holes.

Step 5: Paint

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After putting the Minion togeather I took the glass eye off and mixed pva glue and water and painted the Minion.
After the glue was dry I painted yellow for the main body. White for teeth. Silver for goggle and black for the band

Step 6: Extras

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I cut an old pair of jeans up and used the pocket for front and pocket for back and joined front to back with rest of jeans.

Step 7: Logo

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Looked online for logo and using black marker to draw logo on front pocket.

Step 8: Sweeter (extra)

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Had a feeling it may get warm after being on for a while so printed eye and smile on Sweeter. As extra

Step 9: Da Da

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Final touches
Used pair of rubber gloves as hands. Daughter wore Jean shorts. And leggings.

Step 10: Da Daaar

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Finished and posing


taz8430 (author)2014-09-14

cool beans

acuchetto (author)2013-11-02

Cool. Great work!

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