Picture of Minion Easter Eggs
Paint your own Easter Minions with hard-boiled eggs!
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Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of What you'll need:
a)     Paper plate
b)     Hard-boiled eggs
c)     Peel-off googly eyes – You’ll need 1 or 2 eyes for each egg, depending on how you want them to look.  Make sure to get the kind with the sticky backs so you don’t need glue.
d)    Black sharpie – medium or large sharpies are fine, but avoid fine point.
e)    Blue, yellow and white paint - washable paint works well.
f)     Foam brushes – you’ll need 2 brushes, one for yellow and one for blue.
g)    Blow dryer
h)    Paper towels
i)     Pencil
j)     Rubberband (optional)
k)    Toothpicks (optional)

Step 2: Draw a line around the egg to separate yellow and blue

Picture of Draw a line around the egg to separate yellow and blue
Using a pencil, draw a straight line completely around the egg.  You can place the line at whatever height you want depending on how high you want the blue (pants) to go.  To make an easy straight line:

a)    Place the egg right side up (small or skinny side up) in a corner spot in an egg carton.
b)    Place your pencil on the edge of the carton so it is writing on the egg.
c)    Slowly spin the egg so the pencil makes a thin, straight line around the egg.

(See picture for help with steps b, c and d, or see "Troubleshooting" step for additional help.)

Step 3: Mix Paints (optional)

a)    Depending on the color of your paints, you may want to darken/lighten them.  In our example, we were happy with the colors so we didn’t mix paints.
b)    If you want a lighter color, use a toothpick to mix the original color paint and a small amount of white paint on a paper plate.  Continue adjusting using white to lighten until desired color is obtained.  (If you add too much white, add more of the original color to darken paint.)
c)    Use toothpicks to mix paint if desired.

These are so cute!

Love it!!!!!!!!!!

Eeee! Googly eye! I love it :D