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Introduction: Minion Face Paint

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I look so gosh dang creepy!

Step 1: Step One

First make a silly face, really... look at that face.

ANYWAYS, first hide your eyebrows then start your outline using eyeliner.

Step 2: Yellow Face

Taking yellow from my Mehron paradise pallet I'm covering my face avoiding my eyes (goggles) and my mouth.

Step 3: The Goggles

First I used silver from my Mehron Metallic pallet to outline the goggles, then I used white to fill the inside, then I used some black matte eye shadow to do some shading.

Step 4: Some Details

Using black I added the strap and to my mouth, then I used white to add some teeth.

Step 5: Body

I outline my idea, then I used a water down dark blue to fill in the overalls.

Then using the same yellow from the face on the rest of my chest.

then using black to make the outline of the shirt, pocket, and buttons.

Last use white and a detail brush to make stitching on the overalls.

Step 6: Eyes

For the creepy eyes (as if the mouth wasn't enough) I used black for the pupil and brown for the ires.



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"Do you think God stays in heaven because he, too, lives in fear of what he's created?"

-Steve Buscemi, Spy Kids 2

Oh, creepy.

Finally it's a nice halloween makeup (you know to scare your little cousin ^^) by the way your other instructables are impressive, keep the good job, you are very talented!

1 reply

thank you very much!

What a Minion Zombie would look like. Despite the fact I'll be having nightmares now tonight, I still voted for you, I was scared of what you might do to me if I didn't!

1 reply

HAHAHA Well, good! o.o

But seriously, Thank you. =P

honestly its kind of creepy but you did good :]

5 replies

Its very creepy! XP

If I'm saying it's creepy I don't see why I would be offended.

I know LOL I just realized after I posted it that it was you who said that it was creepy

=P I'm okay with creepy! Not what I MEANT to do, but it is what it is. haha.

Wow, you are realy good at this.
Amazing how you transform!

Good job

1 reply