Minion Log Burner




Introduction: Minion Log Burner

Minion log burner

Step 1: Locate Your Bottle

Find an empty gas bottle, if it's not full empty you can use a nail to expel the remanding gas. Once it's empty I use a hack saw to cut off the tap on top. Next fill it will water to dispel any remaining gas.

Step 2: Marking Out

Using a magic marker, mark out your design. I used a 100mm angle grinder and cutting disc to cut the holes and the door, cutting circles is tricky.
Before I cut the door I marked out, drilled and tapped my holes for the hinges, I find it easier to do this while the bottle is still in one piece.

Step 3:

Step 4: Hot Plate Hole

I wanted to make a hot plate on this burner and chose to use an old circular saw blade. Mark is out and get cutting. I used the grinder to remove the sharp bits on the blade.

Step 5: Assemble

I made the arms and legs from scrap steel we have knocking about at work. One of the arms doubles as the door handle.
I mock the whole thing together with masking tape before grinding and welding.

Step 6: Weld and Grind

I'm using a cheap £30 ark welder from Lidl which over heats in no time at all but whike it's cooling down I can grind off the slag and spatter.

Step 7: Paint

I used spray on stove paint for the minion. I have been told that automotive brake calliper paint might work, that way I could paint it minion colours.



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