Picture of Minion Hat
Everyone loves minions! Now you can make a cute and cozy Despicable Me hat.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make a minion hat you will need:
-At least 1/3 yard yellow fleece
-1/3 yard blue fleece
-Black fleece (only about a 1x22 inch strip)
-Grey fleece (enough for the goggles)
-White fleece (enough for the eyes)
-Brown fleece (just a few inches for the pupils)

Step 2: Cutting Everything Out

Picture of Cutting Everything Out
Cutting all the pieces out for a project can be one of the most difficult parts. Don't get discouraged and be patient with yourself! One of the fun things about a minion hat is that you can style it how you want. You could do one eye, more hair, a different mouth, etc!

Hat: You can download the pattern on the previous step to get the general hat shape. Just make sure it's around 11 1/2 inches along the bottom, and about 8 1/2 inches tall. Cut this part out in the yellow.

Brim: Cut out two blue 11 1/2 x 5 inch rectangles.

Band: This is out of black. Fold the yellow hat part up in half to get your length. Cut about 1 inch thick, on the fold so it's one long piece. (Fifth Picture)

Eyes: Find something round (diameter about 2 inches) to trace onto white fleece. It doesn't need to be pretty because the edges will be hidden under gray.

Goggles: Cut about half an inch larger than the white, all the way around. Then cut out the middle of the circle.

Eye Pupil: I used 1 inch circles of brown, with a smaller black circle inside.

Smile/Hair: Use black fleece scraps to make a smile and some pieces of hair.

Lay out your pieces to make sure you have everything.
foobear11 months ago

sew cute

MyHandmadeHome11 months ago

So cute!!

wazzup10511 months ago

Nice (all I miss is a model showing how the final product looks when worn).

pie popper (author)  wazzup10511 months ago
Unfortunately I gave the hat to a friend for Christmas... She hasn't sent me a picture of her wearing it yet and I wanted to get it published for the contest. Maybe I'll make another (They are pretty fun!) and get some more pictures up :)

You really make me wanna make hats! And have a cat :)