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Minion Superhero Posters. The vast majority of these designs were found on the web under "minion superhero" keywords. There are too many individual artists to give credit to all of them but I wanted to leave a note nonetheless. I simply prepared the images to a laser friendly format for non-commercial/non-profitable purposes.

You can cut them all at once if your laser cutter has a 24x18" build area or you can edit the .ai file at your convenience.

Settings on a VLS4.60

Red (cut):

Power: 100%
Speed: 8%
PPI: 250
Z-Axis: .125"

Black (engrave):
Power: 100%
Speed: 50%
PPI: 500
Z-Axis: .125"

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Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-07-29

They look great all together :)

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