Minion cupcakes

Picture of Minion cupcakes

Minion cup cakes.
The simpler, quicker version of the Minion mini cake tutorial. Try the cup cakes and work up to the minis if you’re feeling brave, or why not have mini cakes for the birthday boy/girl and cup cakes for guests?

You will need:

Tools- Small rolling pin, circle cutter, straight edged modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking) sharp (vegetable) knife 2x piping nozzles and 2 small piping bags (or greaseproof paper cones).

Materials- Green, black, grey and white sugar paste, black and white royal icing (optional, can use sugar paste).

There are lots of different minion faces to choose from, pick the ones you like then make the bits to create the look.

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Step 1: Basic face

Picture of Basic face

Minion eyes- Each minion should have one or two eyes with goggles. Use eyelids to make their faces more expressive. Slightly flatten a ball of white for each eyeball. If you are making lots of minions you can save time by making a batch of eyes at once.

Roll out a strip of grey icing with your rolling-pin (not too thin) and cut narrow strips for goggles.

Wrap the grey around each eye to form the frames. For 2 eyed minions stick the frames together in the middle.

Roll a thin piece of black paste with your pin, cut small strips for the band of the goggles.

Pipe in pupils and a line mouth, or roll out 2 balls of black for pupils and a sausage mouth.

Easy enough? Why not try some more expressions…

Step 2: Big smile

Picture of Big smile

Smile- Roll a tapered sausage of black and flatten.

Pin out white sugar paste and cut thin strips. Lay over the mouth and cut sections to size for teeth.

Mark the lines in the teeth.

Step 3: Frown

Picture of Frown

Frown- Roll out a tapered sausage of black paste, flatten and stick on to the cake.

Pipe on 2 teeth (or cut 2 tiny rectangles of white sugar paste).

Step 4: Tired

Picture of Tired

Eyelids- Flatten a minion skin coloured ball of paste into a circle, cut in half. Stick over the eyeball add a pupil.

Squash a ball of paste into a rectangular shape, flatten.

Pipe teeth (or cut tiny rectangles of white and stick on).

katie5125 months ago

You are SO creative!!! I love this tutorial!

cakesprite (author)  iHeartCollectibles12 months ago

Aww! Thank you so much :D

Skep-tiker1 year ago

They're great!

cakesprite (author)  Skep-tiker12 months ago

Thank you!

Those purple ones are adorbs!

cakesprite (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Thank you! Did you see my 3d version? The purple one's my favourite!

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cakesprite (author)  deleted_account1 year ago

I am not the biggest lover of sugar paste for eating (I think I smell it too often for it to be appealing or eating LOL), but it does peel off of a cupcake really easily for those with less of a sweet tooth! :D