Was asked if I could make a Minion cake for a child's birthday and of course I jumped at the chance to learn and do something new.

I did not find making them hard...

I used fondant with gum tex mixed in it to make them sturdier and harden faster..

Step 1: Making the Minion

First start off with yellow fondant and get the basic shape you want your minion.

I made my eyes first the the goggles then cloths then arms & hands the finally hair.

Take a small amount of white and make a flat circle, then put a small dot if black fondant in the middle.

Next take silver or gray fondant and shape it into a circle to go around the eye. Use a small amount of water to glue these two together. Then put on your minion body using a little water as glue.

Next make the little band and brackets for the goggles. This done by take a small amount of the silver/grey found shaped in a snake like shape and glued to side of goggles. Band is just a long black strip glued to circle from one side of the he'd to the other.

<p> sooooo cute. I want to eat them*o*</p>
So cute!!! love love love them!
They are fantastic! Well done. Dispicably cute!

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