Picture of Minions
Was asked if I could make a Minion cake for a child's birthday and of course I jumped at the chance to learn and do something new.

I did not find making them hard...

I used fondant with gum tex mixed in it to make them sturdier and harden faster..

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Step 1: Making The Minion

Picture of Making The Minion
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First start off with yellow fondant and get the basic shape you want your minion.

I made my eyes first the the goggles then cloths then arms & hands the finally hair.

Take a small amount of white and make a flat circle, then put a small dot if black fondant in the middle.

Next take silver or gray fondant and shape it into a circle to go around the eye. Use a small amount of water to glue these two together. Then put on your minion body using a little water as glue.

Next make the little band and brackets for the goggles. This done by take a small amount of the silver/grey found shaped in a snake like shape and glued to side of goggles. Band is just a long black strip glued to circle from one side of the he'd to the other.

Step 2: Cloths

Picture of Cloths
I made the cloths in sections..first cutting the front piece then a wide strip wide enough to go all the way around and cover the bottom half..

Make strips to attract in the front and to the back. Make little black round dot for the buttons to glue where the strips meet. Take a toothpick or a fondant tool to make an indention into the button. You will put buttons on the back side to cover the area the strips attach as well..

The front pocket is just a piece cut int the shape and glued only on the edges and then using a toothpick put little hole all around the edges to look like it was sewn. Take the toothpick and push out in the center of the pocket.

Step 3: Arms And Hands

Picture of Arms And Hands
Arms simple make little snake shape flatten at top and glued in sides. Take a small piece of Black fondant make into a hand and glue to end of arm..

sooooo cute. I want to eat them*o*

So cute!!! love love love them!
They are fantastic! Well done. Dispicably cute!