Minitroid- a Pocket-sized Metroid!





Introduction: Minitroid- a Pocket-sized Metroid!

The last in your pocket! This is a completely wooden "pocket" sized metroid. Its a long story as to why I made it, so I'll try to make it short and sweet.

One day, after playing super metroid for over an hour, I went to sleep. Tomorrow was sunday, which is my no games, no electronics day. I had nothing to do. I was simply left with a pencil, a rubber band, and a knife. So, to show my fan love for metroid, I went outside, cut a branch off a poplar tree, and whittled away. I wasnt in any hurry, I was just wasting time. Sure enough, I ended up with this.

The specifications on this baby is about 4 centimeters in diameter, 4 centimeters in height, and weighs less than 10 ounces. I wish I had took pics of me making it for an instructable, but I wasnt allowed any electronics that day. :(



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    do not keep this in your pocket over night it will leach to your blood stream and kill you over night! well that's what happened to my brother any way.

    I've only player metroid fusion, so I have no idea what the storyline is... I thought metroids were good guys...

    Let me bring you up to speed..... Metroids, a mechanically engineered life form, reside on the planet SR388. They were created by the Chozos for the better. But something went wrong and mother brain got a hold of them, making them mortal enemies to Samus. In Metroid Fusion, the only appearance of the Metroids were in the bio engineering section of the base, which the SA-X attacked and ultimately destroyed (SA-X and metroids are also mortal enemies to each other). Samus destroyed ALL of the metroids in Metroid II, the Return of Samus. But Metroid Fusion was set before that game, but after Super Metroid(i think...) .....So, yeah. You are now up to speed. :)

    no she killed all but a larva which u try to save in super metroid. then in the end the metroid has babies and save your life by scrificing itself to the mother brain metroid fusion is after super metroid because it says in the game samus though metroids were extinct




    The real metroid story line is this
    1. Metroid
    2. Metroid zero mission (sorta the same as metroid but remade and after you kill Mother Brain you get to play as zero suit samus)
    3. Metroid prime
    4. Metroid prime hunters
    5. Metroid prime 2 Echoes
    6. Metroid prime 3 corruption
    7. Metroid II: return of samus
    8. Super Metroid
    9. Metroid: Other M
    10. Metroid Fusion
    now Metroid prime pinball is not part of the metroid chronology it's just mad for fun of pinball
    I Have a Nintendo Power that has a Time line of the metroid series from June 2010 and I know this post is old but i just wanted to clear some things up