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Introduction: Minituare Billiards Table

Im going to show you how to make a billiards table for the pool ball bouncy balls out of a old box and some reusable/old items. Err... think about use something sturdy & glue it on. At the time I made this, I didn't know we had a hot glue gun. 

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You'll need:
1) A old box
2) Some old stuff (junk)
3) (optional) blocks
4) All 16 pool ball bouncy balls (main image)

Step 2: Punch Holes in the Box

You need to punch 6 holes in the box so you can play pool.

Step 3: Find Some Old Stuff

Find some old stuff or junk and stack it up to make supports. For added fun you could make the top objech have a hole and put it under the pockets so you dont lose them.

Step 4: Done!

Now you should be all set to go.



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    this is a joke!!!...thanks for the laugh!

    is the glue i will needed wood glue or superglue?

    where can i get the billiard balls?

    There the pool ball boucy balls.

    i meant where to get or buy it not if there is the pool ball bouncy ball!what?i gonna make real pool balls pool ball bouncy ball and i will put it on shrinker machine?or i gonna buy pool ball bouncy ball on toy store or any store that sells toys?

    This looks ready to fall-over at a touch, you are joking?


    yes. he is joking!!

    I'm fully qualified in building engineering, and I can tell you that those 'main supports' in that last picture are 100% earthquake certified.

    I can see how vibration might be damped in that construction, it was sustained lateral force at the table-level I was concerned about.


    Of course you knew I was not being serious, right?