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Minor bot is quick robo platform to load sensor arrays on web by edison.
concept is to make a robot which can examine the mines , the gasses , earthquake vibrations, light and temperature,before miners to work... Uploading this data to web and also bias with the idea of global control of a robot by internet.....we program it on java!!!! project By Aditya Kombe and Ravindra Sonara. #intel iot #intelIot

Step 1: WE NEED-

1)we need a groove kit with edison
2) seeed studio i2c motor driver

3)2 gear motors (6v 200rpm)

4) above motor compatible wheels

5) two ball bearings

6) quick gum or silicon gun

7)seeed studios temperature sensors , light sensors , vibration sensors, CO2 /LPG/ Mq2 gas sensor or all of three,buzzer module & i2c rgb LCD display module

8) led's,wires and cutters

Step 2: STEPS-

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1) we first make a locomotive platform for the bot...let it be a basic
like use the seeed studio box to quick fix it....(just use every thing)

Step 3:

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2)make big round holes enough to fix a gear motors screw head and
position close enough to the ground that wheels touch the floor...

Step 4:

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3) ball bearings to be glued internally from the box...

Step 5:

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4) assemble wires of gear motors out the box ,tape and close the box with every thing fit and fine...

Step 6:

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5)with seeed studio arduino break out board it's very simple to attach the peripherals easily without prior soldering

Step 7:

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6) now everything you need to connect has its own independent
jack...connect lcd to one of the i2c jack and motor driver to another i2c jack....for those new to serial communication i2c is a serial communication protocol that connects several peripherals on a single bus line and calls each device with its own unique address.

Step 8:

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7) you can test motor driver by led's... And finally attach the wires of
the motors to the driver in the m1 and m2 jack respectively.

8)attach digital sensors like buzzer to the digital pins D1 or D3 whatever you like.Attach analog sensors like temperature , vibration , light sensors gas sensor to analog pins AO to A4.

9) after this all we have is all analog sensors that range from 0 to 1023 digital no. In the output to arduino breakout board..buzzer to buzz...and lcd to display data and messages.. Connect head light Led to pin 13 of arduino pins that switches on when light sensor senses darkness. Create web consoles by java to display and control...

Step 9:

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10)next is programming....program is based on java Node.js...make sure you program it to send all data on cloud...make a sturdy web page that actually has all robo controls like- Forward \\ Backward \\ Left \\ Right \\ message to send on Groove RGB lcd Screen...Buzzer when vibration sensor senses ...Head lights ON when light sensor senses Dark...Mq2 gas sensors caliberated data, CO2 gas sensor reading , temperature sensor data, etc etc

Step 10: Here's the Program-

program is in node.js ...


AdityaC3 (author)2015-10-11

We used USB power for can switch to external battery with Dc changing the jumper...gear motor is regard less BO motor will also do good..just use 6v motor...500 or 100 rpm...when using groove kit dont care about wires just plug it into i2c plug(any)...but for the info there will be 4 wires -Vcc,gnd, 2 serial wires

wykhuh (author)2015-10-03

Cool project. I want to build one. :-)

What are you using as a power supply? Which brand gear motors and wheels did you use? What is the purpose of the green/yellow wires on the i2c motor driver?

AdityaC3 (author)2015-09-21

i've uploaded i said...its fun....uses web browser to control and view sensor data...does not include cloud upload but you can use thing speak or other cloud services...

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