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I made this costume last year for a university project.
I sculpted the mask over a plastic head and cast it in silicone, the horns are made of fibreglass and mounted on a fibreglass skull cap.
The tunic is linen, for the pattern I just took a long sleeve T-shirt belonging to the model, placed it on the fabric and drew round it with a seam allowance and lots more length at the bottom.
The pauldrons and belt are cut from a piece of very heavy weight leather, then dyed and stitched together, the stone in the belt is plastic and sprayed with car paint and the buckles I bought from a leather supplier (I think they are designed for use in saddlery).
The cloak is just a piece of wool fabric, pinned at the front (I meant to make some proper fastening but ran out of time)
The nose ring is just a cheap earring I found in claire's accessories and left it at the bottom of my tool box for a month so it got all dirty and worn looking.

I think the whole thing cost me about £350 (silicone and leather are pretty expensive!) and I made it over around 12 weeks

There's a bit more info about it on my blog :)



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Wow, the horns themselves are an instructable. I see the line along them in one picture which tells me you cast them in two pieces then put them together. This is extensive work and you have skill for sure. Reminds me of work that CFX would do.

That is one amazing "Halloween" costume! Love the leatherwork! I wanted to learn about latex maskmaking years ago, but fell in love with creating leather headgear!

Leatherhead Masks 045.jpgDSCN2971.JPG

thank you! Your work is awesome, love the pic on the left :)


Very impressive work! But... I'm afraid this isn't an instructable? It'd be awesome if you made it into one (though perhaps too late unless you took all the requisite pictures already.)

Yeah, unfortunately I don't have enough pictures to make a decent instructable of the whole thing, there are quite a lot of different processes involved so I'll try and recreate the various bits and pieces in the future in order to make proper instructables. I just thought this would make a good entry for the halloween contest :)


Well, if you were to make instructions for the techniques you used (even if you don't make this particular piece in the course of the instructions) I'm sure that would be greatly appreciated by many.



Show-off ables

dude, we know you're jelouse, but don't be a downer.

I am not jealous, I want to know how it was done. I love this, and would like to do something similar. There is not enough here to work with.

so to clarify,

Please give us some idea of the steps involved, specifically the horn/headpiece portion and the integration of the latex at that point.

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