Hello! This is one of my absolute favorite nail designs for summertime because its really subtle, but it still has the pop of green to brighten it up! I hope you enjoy and if you recreate this look, you can tweet it to me -@mclare50- or post a picture in the comments. Enjoy!! :)

Step 1: Supplies

For this look you will need: 1.) any nude nail polish. Mine is by Revlon in the color 060 Sheer Nude. 2.) a mint nail polish. This is one of my favorite colors, and it is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in the color 340 Mint Sorbet. 3.) a top coat. Mine is by Revlon and it doubles as a base coat. -just so you know, all of these products were purchased at drug stores.

Step 2:

Apply your base coat. I like using base coat because it protects your nails from the damaging chemicals in nail polish which can turn your nails colors.

Step 3:

Apply your nude polish. Mine was really sheer, so I applied about 4 coats. Make sure that of your polish is sheer, apply your coats very thin, otherwise it will clump up and drip off your nails.

Step 4:

The last step is the design. I took my mint color and make a small triangle on the tip of my nail. It may help to have a nail pen for this, but either way is fine. Then apply top coat and your finished!!!! I hope you enjoyed this look and thanks for viewing! <3 mclare50
Thanks!! If u try send me a pic!!!! :)

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Bio: My favorite topic to make Instructables about is jewelry! If you have any jewelry related questions, please ask! Requests are always welcome!
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