Mint Chocolate Chip Valentine Card





Introduction: Mint Chocolate Chip Valentine Card

Okay, so I'll admit this is just a card and doesn't really contribute to the Instructables' mission of "taking back Valentine's Day from the American Greeting Card Association," but at least it is hand-made, right? And who wouldn't melt when they receive this card with colors inspired by the best ice cream flavor ever invented?

This project uses a die-cutting machine to emboss the background. But if you don't have a die-cutter you can use the traditional dry embossing method using brass templates, a light source, and a stylus.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Mint green cardstock by Paper Reflections - cut one piece to 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and a second piece to 1/2" x 4"
Chocolate brown cardstock by Paper Reflections - cut one piece to 4 1/4" x 11" and a second piece to 1 1/4" x 4"
Express It magnetic stamp set from Making Memories
Chocolate Chip from Stampin' Up!
Magnetic stamp base set from Making Memories
1/8" hole punch
1/8" eyelet setter (I use the Instant Setter from Making Memories, which has exchangeable tips for both punching holes and setting eyelets in three different sizes)
Setting mat
Hammer (optional)
Corner rounder punch
Paper trimmer (not pictured)
Big Shot die-cutting machine by Ellison Design (not pictured), or other die-cutter that is compatible with Cuttlebug dies by Provo Craft
Your favorite paper adhesive (I used double-sided scrapbook tape)
Small white silk flower (hint: you can buy a bundle of silk flowers at many dollar stores, and then just disassemble them to get the flower off)
4 1/2" of white 7/8" wide sheer wired ribbon by Offray
Silver 1/8" snap (also called flat-topped eyelets) from Making Memories
D'vine Swirl embossing folder for Cuttlebug machine by Provo Craft

Step 2: Emboss

Place the larger piece of mint green cardstock in the embossing folder and run it through your die-cutter machine.

Photo 2 shows the layers of the "sandwich" in order to emboss or cut with the Big Shot (and most other similar machines):
1. Top cutting pad
2. Embossing folder with cardstock
3. Bottom cutting pad
4. Spacer platform

Step 3: Ink Embossed Piece

Rub the surface of the Chocolate Chip ink pad over the embossed areas. If you want to apply the ink more precisely you can use a cotton swab or even your finger, but I like to leave it looking a bit uneven and "vintage."

Step 4: Round Corners

Using the punch, round the corners of the embossed piece.

Step 5: Stamp Sentiment

Position the "True Love" phrase from the stamp set onto the end of the magnetic base. This will make it easier to line it up when you stamp it. Ink with Chocolate Chip ink and stamp onto the strip of green cardstock three times.

Step 6: Ink Edges of Sentiment Piece

Hold the ink pad in one hand and rub the edges of the sentiment piece against it. (This is called direct-to-paper inking)

Step 7: Adhere

Adhere the sentiment piece to the center of the ribbon and the strip of brown cardstock.

Step 8: Punch Hole

If you are using the Making Memories Instant Setter insert the 1/8" hole punch tip into the setter. Position the flower on the sentiment piece and punch a hole through all layers - flower, green cardstock, ribbon, and brown cardstock.

Step 9: Set Snap

Insert the snap into the hole you just punched, and then flip the entire piece over so that the open back of the snap is exposed. Change the tip in your Instant Setter to the 1/8" eyelet setting tip. Punch the eyelet setter onto the open back of the snap to set it. After you have set it, you might wish to flatten it a little more by tapping it lightly with a hammer, but this isn't necessary.

Step 10: Adhere to Card Front

Adhere the sentiment piece with the flower to the embossed piece. Flip it over and adhere the ends of the ribbon to the back of the embossed piece.

Step 11: Make Card Base

Score and fold the large piece of brown cardstock across the short dimension in the middle, at 5 1/2". I like to score by placing the cardstock on my paper trimmer, and using the groove to guide my stylus. This does not work with guillotine style paper trimmers (the kind with an arm that you raise and lower).

Step 12: Adhere Card to Base

Adhere the entire card front piece to the base, with the fold at the top. You're done!

Note: because the base of this card is made with brown cardstock, you'll need to either write in it with a light colored pen, or adhere a piece of light colored cardstock to the inside to write on.



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    I know I am years and years late, but I love this!! What mint cardstock did you use I have been searching for that color everywhere!! Let me know thanks!!

    I can think of a way to make an edible version of this...white chocolate, mint flavor, green food coloring, and chocolate curls. Melt white chocolate, add in flavor and color, pour into lined cookie sheet and let cool slightly. Add chocolate curls in desired pattern and let set up fully. After set shave off any curls standing higher than the white chocolate base. Carefully remove from cookie sheet, add any additional decorations desired and ta da. Seems like it should work in theory at least... :-)

    wait... you cant eat it? you deceived me?! ROAR!

    RAWR!!!!! I WANNA NOM MY CARD!!!!!!

    I WANT CHOCOLATE! RAWR!!!! YOU DECIEVED ME! RRAAWWRR!!!!!!!! SCENTS ARE STUPID! *rawr shakes the whole city* (ponders ideas for an edible card) I will see if I make an edible card when valentines day contest comes! I shall go to conquer my dream, AWAAAAAY! (takes off)

    scents are only stupid if they're on some things. for instance, they aren't stupid when combined with STICKERS!!! SCRATCH AND SNIFF FTW! but really, a cardscent just implies candy inside, and when that turns out to be a lie the only alternative is facepunchination.

    ya, i thought it was made of real chocolate at first, would have been better that way, but still an excellent card

    yah, its cute but its would have been better if its edible