Introduction: Mint Mayo and Chicken Tikka Tea Sandwich

this is somthing my hubby eat in form of snack or brunch.

Step 1: Ingredients



chicken tikka


onions ( thin sliced by mandolin)

mint mayonnaise


Step 2: Applying Ketchup and Butter and Mayo

the side which will go the flame, butter it up ( all four slices)

put ketchup on two,

mint mayo on remaining two

Step 3: Prepare Chicken.

my chicken recipe is here. after steaming it.. sprinkle generous amount of gram flour on top of it and shallow fry the chicken bites.

Step 4: Assemle

place chicken tikka and onions on top of mayo slice.

Step 5: Sandwich Them Together

cut into fours. as shown and devour!


Swansong made it! (author)2017-05-11

That looks interesting, I'm curious to try it because I like a lot of the ingredients but haven't had them together. :)

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