Picture of Mint Tin Candle
This is my guide to a fun little mint tin candle.
This is a fun little project that takes about 5mins to make.

Step 1: Items Needed

Picture of Items Needed
All you need to make this is
A small mint tin (Altoids tin)
Glass jar or anything else to melt your wax in
Four tea light candles
Box of matches
Little bit of glue
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Good start, neat idea.

If you dip each individual match head into molten wax, then let them set, no damp will be able to spoil them. They will still strike after scraping away the wax with a finger nail.
As well as dipping the match head (or even the entire match) you can dip the striker board. After lighting a candle use the heat re-melt the wax on the striker to keep it covered for next time.
havoc1582 years ago
also you can change the colour with a kids crayon and make it smell with some Essential Oils
havoc1582 years ago
make sure when your melting the wax you don't boil the water it can mess up the wax and make sure no water gets in the wax as this will also ruin the wax
azharz2 years ago
Wow! What an idea Sirji.
awesome idea! i think you should post an optional step five where you can have all 4 wicks in the tin. more candles more light. you could also have 2 sets of matches in the tin on the top, one on the right side and one on the left side. just my opinion. awesome idea though.
oregood (author)  NinjaOrange71592 years ago
Thank you for your advice i will add a 4 wick step today.
Wonderful first Instructable! I like that you put real matches with it, I hate those papery ones, I always feel like I'm going to burn myself when I light them.
BLARG!2 years ago
No way! I had the exact same Idea awhile ago! although, my wicks didn't work out well.
Very smart to reuse the existing wicks, I think I would have tried to make it lots more complicated than that. :)
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