Picture of Minty Beating Valentines Heart
Any woman that thinks the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is aiming just a little too high.

Why not give that loved one something special. A fabulously unrealistic beating heart.

OK. I seem to have a thing for building Rube Goldberg like devices that are overly complicated and do so little. This is one of those.

I'll prob be modifying this as I go, and can already think of things I should be doing different. I will say that the girlfriend actually squealed a little when she saw the completed first version. The cat can't get enough, and will shortly be destroying it I'm sure.

The whole concept is based on general magnetic principals and re-using junk. I have actually used this idea once before to make fluttering mosquito wings. I very well may make another at some point. I'll post if I do...

Parts List:
1 Altoids tin, or suitable container.
1 old or dead CD Rom drive. Desktop style preferred, although a laptop drive would work.
1 555 timer chip.
1 47uf capacitor
1 3906 transistor
2 3.3K resistors
1 1k resistor
1 red LED
Power source - 3-6 volts. This could be a wall-wart, hacked USB cable, AA batteries, whatever.
Wire of various sorts

Soldering iron
wire snips, the finer the better
screw drivers, various sizes. You need at least one large straight tip, and 1 large and 1 small Phillips. The small should be a jewelers size, or so.
possibly a magnifying glass, or reading glasses, depending on your ability to see really small stuff
A good deal of patience

I'm assembling this one "free form" which means that I will not be using a board of any kind. Mostly cause I didn't have any handy. This can certainly be laid out any way you want.

cybertron3 years ago

In your schmatic and instructions you state using a 3906 transistor.
your smybol for a 3906 transistor is wrong.A 3906 is a PNP transistor.
you have a smybol for a NPN transistor which is a 3904 transistor.
which transistor are you using a npn 3904 or a pnp 3906 transistor.
the circuit may need a resistor on the base of the transistor to lower
the base current.
sarebear8 years ago
I'm going to sound like a space cadet, but I'm not very mechanically savvy... where can I find all of these parts? (555 timer chip, 47uf capacitor, etc...) I'm clueless but I want to try this :)
photozz (author)  sarebear8 years ago
the capacitors, resistors and timer chip are all available at most Radio Shack stores. they also sell board you can use to solder this all down instead of free forming it the way I did. Good Luck!
plz send me the teardown report of lg cd rom 52x max
J_SCAP7 years ago
"Any woman that thinks the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is aiming just a little too high." uhhhhh you know little kids could be seeing that and ask there mommyz and daddys and they would kick them off the cpu forever untill they go to colage
mg0930mg J_SCAP6 years ago
Excuse me, but can I ask what you are saying. I can't read that. What is 'colage' and 'mommyz' or 'cpu'. Please spell correctly.
pyroal mg0930mg5 years ago
ur deffinitly not a teenger cuz yude be able 2 read wht she wrote.  colage = college          cpu = computer
mg0930mg pyroal5 years ago
Do you really need to be so obnoxious?
pyroal mg0930mg5 years ago
im not bein obnox. you asked wht she wrot so i explained it
mg0930mg pyroal5 years ago
I've read your other comments and can clearly see they're not spelled like these one. Your obviously doing it on  purpose and therefore being obnoxious.
"8 year olds Dude"
not really dumba@#$  im 14
Fooled me
luke mg0930mg6 years ago
A Central Processing Unit (CPU) is a machine that can execute computer programs.
srmousse8 years ago
photozz, Loved the idea... I found a perfect heart shaped tin to build it in... stayed up till 4am trying to get it to work...I followed your instructions to a T, twice that night and both times when i went to test it after step 7 the thing started getting very hot... the led will light up but not blink. I figured maybe I was just too tired.. So I tried it again this afternoon.. same result... any thoughts? I appreciate the help!
photozz (author)  srmousse8 years ago
Yep, figured it out for you, I think. Ill be the first to say "my bad". The diagram was correct, but the text had the positive and negative leads reversed. the positive goes to pin 8, the negative to pin one. My sincere apologies.
photozz (author)  photozz8 years ago
Oh, and I fixed the text in the instructable. it should be right now.
lemonie8 years ago
Could you not use a small audio-speaker? Cheap headphones are going to be a lot easier to obtain & sacrifice than an optical-drive.
photozz (author)  lemonie8 years ago
yes, you could use a small speaker. This is just nice as you get a relatively great deal of movement out of a very small part.
lemonie photozz8 years ago
You're getting a good 'rap' from the lens hitting the tin I guess?
photozz (author)  lemonie8 years ago
it's mounted low enough that it's not hitting the tin. you could move it up .. lot's of ideas you can do here.
Kiteman8 years ago
Outstanding Instructable! When I eventually get around to this (boy, is this website giving me a long to-do list!), I think I'd use a more decorative box, and a shiny heart (mylar foil?). My wife has a thing about dragonflies, so maybe I'd make a dragonfly with shiny mylar wings in place of the heart. Actually, I think I have a dead CD player somewhere, they have a similar "eye", don't they? (wanders off to furtle through project box...)
photozz (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
any "optical" drive will work fine. Good luck, and I want to see the results!
lemonie8 years ago
Sorry, I overlooked the obvious. You say "Here you are dear, you always said I spent too much time on the PC, well I've sacrificed my DVD drive to make this for you. And if that isn't love, I don't know what is." ("You never liked that drive though. You're going to buy a new one aren't you?"...)
jeffreyf8 years ago
Oh my. Someone get Mr. Poe on the phone, stat.