Minty Freshness Outfit and Makeup





Introduction: Minty Freshness Outfit and Makeup

About: Feel free to comment and request makeup ideas or hairdos !! :)

Step 1: You Will Need

Outfit: A mint colored shirt, skirt, shorts any thing works ( i used a mint colored cover up) Jeans any works just fine (i used light jeans) Makeup: Concealer/primer ( i used e.l.f medium glow) A palette that has mint in it A neutral palette ( i used e.l.f neutral) Eye brow pencil w/ a brush ( i used rimmel hazel) Mascara ( i used lash blast volume by covergirl) Eyelash curler Blush ( i used e.l.f pink passion) Lip gloss Foundation,eye shadow,crease,blush,and little brush And a cute pair of mint earrings

Step 2: Primer and Under Eye Correcter

Dab concealer under the eye and eyelid. Take your foundation brush and blend. As you can see i dont wear foundation but you can go ahead and do that :)

Step 3: Brighten Your Eyes

Used the lightest color in the palette.( usually a beige or creamy white color) Grab your eyeshadow brush and apply the color on your eyelid, tear ducts, and under your bro bone

Step 4: Add the Minty Color

Apply the mint color with the small brush on your lower lid.

Step 5: Crease

Use a brown color (i used a medium brown color). Take this color and blend in crease and the outer corner of your eyes

Step 6: Golden Pop!

Use a gold color and apple a small strip under your eyes with the small brush . This adds a pretty golden pop to your eyes!

Step 7: Eyebrows

Fill in eyebrows and brush for a natural look

Step 8: Eyelashes

Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Apply and extra two coats to the outer lashes for a winged look

Step 9: Flirty Cheeks <3

Use your blush brush to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks

Step 10: Lipgloss Is Poppin!!

Step 11: Your Makeup Look Is Done

Now go out there and wear it proud!!

Step 12: Get Your Outfit on

Add a cute accessory in your hair, a cute necklace or a cute pair of flip flops! Comment if you have any questions or requests :) ill try my best to help ! You look stunning and remember to SMILE!! Have a great day!



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    You're so pretty

    Thanks super much! Have a great day ! :)

    you look amazing even without make up :)

    you look amazing even without make up :)