Minty Guitar Amp That Goes to Eleventy





Introduction: Minty Guitar Amp That Goes to Eleventy

Annyong! Bob Loblaw bought a Minty Amp kit and made a nice little guitar amp as a Christmas gift way back in ought-seven. Bob thinks he got the idea from a link on Boing Boing or Gizmodo. The kit was easy to assemble, and actually sounded pretty good. Although the kit is made to fit in an Altoids tin, Bob doesn't like to think in boxes. The kit includes a tiny circuit board that seems best powered by a 9V battery. Since building the first amp, Bob took up the sport of welding, and was looking for projects that required a welder. Since everyone knows you need a welder to create a guitar amp, Bob purchased another Minty Amp kit, for a total of about $14. Now, Bob Loblaw has a bit of the obsessive compulsive disorder, so what started as a simple idea turned into several late nights of cutting, grinding, welding, painting, drilling, and soldering. The amp housing was constructed entirely from scrap materials. The materials include a garden plant-growing thingy, some slingshot balls, a section of curtain rod, and some other scrap metal. All this work really took a toll on Bob's Call of Duty 4 stats. When the metal shavings final settled in Bob's workshop, the final product turned out pretty well. The really stupid thing is that Bob doesn't even play guitar. Anyone wanna buy an amp? Will consider trades for enormous quantities of the new for ought-seven Girl Scout Lemon Chalet Creme cookies.

PS: Bob Loblaw is first and foremost an independent agent and is not in any way affiliated with Minty Amps, but the guy has been very helpful and always responds to Bob's questions promptly, so Bob certainly recommends him for anyone looking to build their own amp.

PPS: Bob Loblaw has a super-secret invention that will be dropping soon. Prepare yourself.



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    for $2000 I'll build you one that goes to 12...

    Arrested Development = Good times.

    Can anyone post a picture of the printing on the underside of the circuit board so that i can just make this on a normal PCB i have lying around and not order the custom PCB from the minty amps website? It would be greatly appreciated. UbuntuNinja

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    Yeah!!! I need it too... Please someone... a photo at least (if it is easy to undestand) I have all the other parts to make my own version of this amp but I need this PCB, or a schematic or drawing of the connections

    I just came upon this web site. Great projects & ideas, all-around. Looks just like my "shop" (or garage or closet or junk drawer, etc.)

    ummm yah third person is a little weird, n.o., umm where you get the speaker?

    Nice slideshow.
    I don't think it's the speaking in third person that is weirdin' me out, but the repetition of it is concerning though. ;)

    Woah, dude, awesome job! Going to show this to my brother right now. If you post an Instructable, that would be awesome. Great job, +1 rating.
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    This looks awesome! It's sort of a ghetto-steampunk hybrid style, and I like it. Nice! has all the info you need to actually assemble the amp itself. Bob Loblaw's slideshow is more of an example of possible enclosures for said device. Given that the enclosure took over 20 hours to complete, Bob doubts that anyone would want to replicate his work. Got to go now, Bob's about to hit Prestige Level 2 on COD4.