Step 3: Liberate the Amp

Unless they've changed things, getting the amp out of mine was just a matter of removing screws until it was free. Make note or take photos of where the speakers and power goes on the board - mine went to little pads on the bottom of the board.

I suppose the speakers are worth saving. Maybe you can cut down the battery compartment and reuse it as well.
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<p>wheres the circuit diagram ???</p>
According to the datasheet the power output of your chip is: <br>■ PO=2&middot;1W,VS=6V,RL=4&Omega; <br>■ PO=2&middot;2.3W,VS=9V,RL=4&Omega; <br>■ PO=2&middot;0.1W,VS=3V,RL=4&Omega; <br> <br>Try a 2 ohm resistor in series with your speaker.
hey uchlem ,i have a tea2025b ic amp i got it from a old speaker so can u tell me what maybe the wattage of it? the sound is very high with three AA batteries with a 2.7 ohms speaker when it is connected to a mobile of a company named Aroma
As an update on the project, I found you can fit a stack of three pennies under the speakers, so there should be room for a 3.7v LiPo 1300ma battery on one side and a LiPo charge controller on the other side. You would not get as much volume at 3,7v, but it might be adequate.<br><br>The &quot;ultimate&quot; would be a custom charge controller and amp board done fully in SMT and a LiPo beneath each speaker.
I think im up for that challenge! If I have time to do it i'll let you know, but i think an external charging dock would be a good idea
I built something like this a couple of months ago, but I used the amp board out of some old small computer speakers, the case was foam board and the speakers where two JVC car stereo tweeters, they sound pretty good and have a full range when they are under powered like they are, It uses 3 AA Batteries or a 5v power adapter, being that they are car speakers and the board used to power moderately big speakers it is LOUD. For how small it is it is REALLY LOUD.<br><br>Batman96
Car speakers are good for these sorts of things as they are 4 ohm vs 8 ohm. So long as your amp can take it, 4 ohms draws more current and you get more watts at the voltage you're using.<br><br>If someone wants to go truly Altoids speaker crazy, these are the drivers to use:<br>http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=297-210<br><br>2&quot; square driver with an xmax of 3mm and 12w RMS power handling. Plenty of rattle and buzz from the tin, for sure.
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