Step 25: Case: Final fit

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Once you're happy, remove the electronics and put the doublesided sticky foamtape on both the circuit board and the battery holder.

The tape keeps the circuit board in place as well as keeps the pins from shorting against the tin

You might have to push down on the battery holder once its in, to "pop-out" the bottom a little...the case will not quite close otherwise.
wulfhoul5 years ago
 do any of u know how to add a switch and led to this kit

a switch you would just wire directly onto the red cable coming formt he battery, the LED you would want to place right behindm the switch, probaply you would need a resistor to make sure the LED doesn't get a too high voltage.

chndt20084 years ago
Great! China already has the product, price $ 2, I believe they stole your technique. I am Chinese, but I hate the Chinese. . . But such products have a question, that is unstable and may damage the battery. Reduce the battery life, which is found after a lot of people use.
lorddavis65 years ago
good work!!
kabeyun9 years ago
This is really an elegant little project. A comment & a question... C: As a certified paranoid, I'd be afraid that square of tape might somehow let exposed solders touch the case. I'd suggest cutting a PCB-shaped piece of tape instead. Q: Any chance the tops of the electrolytic caps could touch the closed lid? Maybe putting a dab of nail polish on top of each would insulate them. Great work!
ladyada (author)  kabeyun9 years ago
the tin curves up inthe middle so as long as the square is in the middle you're good to go. the electrolytics are OK too.
dmhjah ladyada6 years ago
Hi I managed to put everything together and it works but I didn't have to much luck with the tape. Is there an electronics equivalent to a hot glue gun. Something that would keep the circuit board in place? Thanks David
Putting nail polish on the caps of electrolytic capacitors is generally not a good idea. The cap's purpose is to vent the capacitor (NASTY smoke, trust me) in the event of a horrible, stupid error to keep it from exploding. Just my $.02.
jake217 years ago
can u make me one and ill buy it
ex-navy9 years ago
Really sweet project-Can I purchase a kit??? I have flexible solar (tiny) panels that will certainly fit the area. I would like to make one for my Neuros R2 recorder www.olson-engineering.com
josh_gipper9 years ago
Really sweet project no doubt. I don't know if anyone has mentioned (due to its popularity I didn't search all the comments) but 2AAs in a larger tin and a photovoltaic cell on the back to recharge the batteries. I'll throw the idea out there but that would certainly improve an already AWESOME project.