Miracle Morning


Introduction: Miracle Morning

A healthy way to start a spring day!

Step 1: Take a Few Eggs Out of the Fridge

We want them to be warmed up for the snow-making... how ironic

Step 2: Prepare a Bag of Miracle Rice

Just heat them up for a few minutes and rinse! The instructions are provided on the Miracle Noodles website: make sure to visit the one for your region!

Step 3: Whisk an Egg White Into Snow

It'll take a few minutes on high speed!

Step 4: Add 2 Tbsp of Monkfruit Sweetener

A natural alternative to calorie-free artificial sweeteners; stevia might work too ;)

Step 5: Blend Into Eggwhite Snow on Medium Speed

Doesn't it look beautiful!

Step 6: Stir in As Much Miracle Rice As You See Fit

Feel free to open an extra bag!

Step 7: Spoon Into Cute Cupcake Cups

A couple of tsp per cup!

Step 8: Place Into Oven Preheated to 350*F

It's ok if you put it in while it preheats!

Step 9: Leve in Oven for 30ish Minutes

Depends on the bake settings! They'll start to brown on top

Step 10: Use It As a Nest!

While soft, use the cakelets as nests for your breakfast: a boiled egg, cereal, bread... It will harden within minutes

Step 11: Add the Deco!

Easter is coming! Go crazy!



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    I have never tried adding something like rice to the meringue. Very clever. I think this would make a very festive brunch and it would be easy to change the Easter theme to something else. Will try.

    It is!! Ultra healthy takes little effort, and delicious! Share and vote ;)