Miraculous Solar Charged Water





Introduction: Miraculous Solar Charged Water

NOTE: THIS IS NEITHER A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE NOR ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. Solar charged water is a fortunate discovery, it balances the elements, supports and structures the body's natural mechanism, making us feel fitter than ever. It uses the sun's rays to charge water, capturing its multitudinous properties in a bottle of water. The sun's rays are split into the spectrum of colors giving us Blue, Green, Clear, and Orange water - each unique and having miraculous therapeutic properties. They have the potential to help cure a vast array of diseases or otherwise, to keep you fit and charged all day long. When unwell, use these in conjunction with your meds to heal faster and better.

Step 1: The Basics

1) A clean glass bottle with a cork top or a plastic cap. It may be clear or a shade of blue or of green or orange/yellow/brown.
2) Colored cellophane - blue/green/yellow (in case you don't have a colored glass bottle. Wrap the clear bottle in the choice of cellophane - a single sheet doubled)
3) Clean filtered water or clear boiled water.
4) Access to a sunny spot in your house.

1) Fill the bottle upto 2/3rd with water.
2) Put on the cap, make sure it fits snugly.
3) Keep it in the sunny spot atop a wooden platform/pc.of wood or a stack of newspapers.
4) Leave it out for atleast 6 hours making sure no shadow falls upon the bottles and take the bottles in just before sunset or before the cold sets in.
Tip: You'll know that it's ready when you see condensed water droplets on the empty part of the bottle.
5) Store preferably on a wooden platform when indoors & avoid contact with metal.

Step 2: Green Water

It is neutral, harmonising, eliminating, & a blood purifier. Useful in diseases resulting from free radicals and toxin buildup in the body. Mentally it keeps people happy and helps get rid of vices such as jealousy. It regulates the balance of orange and blue water.

4 tsp. for kids a d 8 tsp. for adults 1/2 an hour to 1 hour before meals on an empty stomach. Use for 3 days to 3 weeks or till symptoms subside.

Useful for :
High blood pressure
Heart ailments
Fever - all kinds
Kidney stones
Eye ailments - from myopia and sty to cataract
Allergic reactions
Measles and other such diseases
Chapped lips
Skin diseases
Dry rough skin

Deficiency causes:
Various skin diseases
Blood diseases.

Step 3: Orange/Brown Water

Properties: Heating, Stimulating Tonic and Expanding. Specially beneficial in maladies resulting from cold eg.cold in winters. Mentally, it boosts courage, energy and willpower .

Usage method:
4 tsp. for kids a d 8 tsp. for adults 15minutes after a meal, but within 1/2 an hour. Use for 3 days to 3 weeks or till symptoms subside.

Useful for:
Iodine & haemoglobin deficiency
Healthy Muscles
Improved digestion
Low blood pressure
Muscle pain and spasms
Loss of voice (dumbness)
Stiff limbs
Cracked heels
Cervical Spondylitis
Stiff neck
Joint pain
Cold, Flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, cough etc.
Feeling of excessive cold, shivering
Any intestinal malady

Deficiency of the same causes:
loss of appetite
feeling cold
bluing of nails

It should not be used excessively or for long periods of time. Also do not use when using blue water.
Excessive consumption is countered by intake of green water

Step 4: Blue Water

Cooling, soothing, contracting and anti-sceptic. It strengthens the nervous system. Beneficial in brain diseases and maladies resulting from heat. Mentally, it combats tension, increases concentration and spiritual wellbeing

4 tsp. for kids a d 8 tsp. for adults 1/2 an hour to 1 hour before meals on an empty stomach. Use for 3 days to 3 weeks or till symptoms subside.

Useful for :
Oral problems eg.gums, teeth etc.
Sore throat
Any type of cough
Bad breath
Wounds on feet

Deficiency of the same causes:
Difficulty in urination
Stiff neck
Hair loss

It should not be used excessively or for long periods of time and when suffering from illnesses caused due to cold. Also do not use when using orange/brown water.
Excessive consumption is countered by intake of brown/orange water.

Step 5: Clear Water

It is a tonic, fortified by calcium. Purified by the sun's rays, it is free from bad elements. It is specially beneficial for fractures. Fractures that heal in months, heal within weeks. Also in weakness.

1/4th cup four times a day.
For teething troubles, 2tsp. 4-6 times a day for infants.

It should not be used excessively or for long periods of time.



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Be careful when quoting science, as science requires evidence and there is no evidence at all for the claims that you make. I would amend your instruct able to reflect the lack of evidence.

You might want to check these out: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1297510/ and http://healthpsych.psy.vanderbilt.edu/color_therapy.htm. It lists everything about color therapy- claims, hypothesis, experiments and proofs.

Thank you! very informative.


Gerald Pollack..."the fourth phase of water".... Scientific evidence from a very well respected scientist....water is charged by light and forms an exclusionary zone of structured water which separates it's charge like a battery..... Which is greater if it is exposed to light.....be careful when you claim to know what science says....

very interesting .

you made me learn stuff . how cool is that.

looked up "the fourth phase of water" very interesting read. thanks.

in your colors for the bottles what about red cellophane you didn't mention that.

can you drink the water from a red bottle.

thank for shearing.


completely legit

This is incredibly dangerous because someone is going think this actually works and instead of getting actual medical treatment they are going to do this and get worse or die, 'alternative medicine" is the reason we lost steve jobs.


Steve Jobs waited until his last moments before going to an alternative medicine practitioner with a track record far better than any allopathic practitioner. Ironically, the ACA has just admitted (after 85 years) that cancer does have an "abhorrent metabolic phenotype"...(requires large amounts of glycogen for metabolism and mitosis).... Which is what is targeted with tremendous success by alternative practitioners.... The science for this instructable is documented in Gerald Pollack's work..... If legit science is your thing, his book is a must read...BTW, the cancer quackery that Jobs should have started immediately instead of waiting till the last minute is now being used by the office of navy research and NASA for astronauts and navy seals....look up Dr. Thomas Seyfried and Dr. Dominic Dagostinos work on complete reversal of full metastatic cancer with metabolic therapy (simple diet change) and hyperbarrick chamber treatment which, ironically is related to Pollack's work with structured water.....

Has anyone done their research on how many people die daily from prescription drugs and surgeries? It by far outweighs alternative medicine.