Introduction: Mirchi Vada ( Chilly Fingers)

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A delicious dish from
Jodhpur, Rajasthan , India.

and finger

Step 1: Ingredients and Preprep

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Ingredients :

1. Fresh green chilly

2. Batter

For the batter you will need BESAN(gram flour).

To one cup of gram flour add half cup of water.

Mix well

Add salt, chilly powder to taste.

3. Stuffing

For stuffing you will need the follows:

- Mashed potatoes

-Fried Onions

- Garlic


Saute them all and make a mixture

Step 2: Making the Vada

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Take a green chilly as shown. Now, cover a thick layer of stuffing over it as above.

Make them all of same size and thickness.

Step 3: Frying

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Take a lot of oil in a pan filling it till half.

Heat the oil, until hot.


Cover the vadas from last step with a thin layer of batter.

Deep fry it in the pan till golden.

Serve it with sauce !!


craftvideos (author)2016-04-12

You will need lots of honey and water ... hehehehe

sujistar (author)craftvideos2016-04-17

haha yes ??

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