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A visit to the Goodwill plus Lowe's = Mirror Maid...


Lord of The Things (author)2013-01-26

Thank you AO: I screwed Styrofoam chunks to make the base. Then I covered it with Joint Compound (Modern-day plaster) and while the plaster was still pretty wet I cut the beads to length, as I gently pressed them into place. After the drying period a coat of paint covers it all. Before the paint is dry I wipe off the high points of the beads, When the paint is dry I go back and towel the beads again to clean of the thin film of paint left .

audreyobscura (author)2013-01-26

Wow! You took that totally creepy doll, and turned it into something really awesome. I would love a few more details on how you bonded the beads and stuff to the tail.


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