Did you ever thought to do graffiti?

Do you want to do it Cool? Special? Surprisingly?

What about indoor graffiti? in the shower room?

Mmmm... on the mirror!

Step 1: ​Materials


- Cardboard - 1

- Sharpie - 1

- Cutting knife - 1

- Paper towel - 2 squares

- Dish soap - one drop

Step 2: Making Your Shape!

Do you have all the ingredients? GOOD!

- Draw your shape

- Cut it with the cutter knife

Step 3: Prepare the "paint"

- Detached two squares of paper towel and fold them.

- Drip one drop of the dish soap and rub it

Step 4: Finally! Make the Graffiti!

- Hold your cardboard on the mirror

- rub the paper towel ot the mirror trough the holes you made

- Clean the soap extras with dry paper tower till the mirror looks clean

Step 5: Make It Simple!

You can also write with a paint brush or a swab.

<p>This is a cool idea. Good job on your first Instructable! I hope we see more from you in the future!</p>

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