Want to be the Discobelle of the Ball? This mirrored creation will be a crowd favorite!

Create a mobile party that will keep people dancing around you all night!

(Photo courtesy of Joshua Targownik)

Step 1: Materials

Materials for disco ball:
mirrored material (3 2x2 sheets)
2 24" plastic domes
velcro (heavy duty)
2 2" wide silver belts
silver tape

Utility knife (with plenty of extra blades)
Hot glue gun
Dremel cutting tool
mirror cutting tool

Sequined top
Sequined hotpants
Sparkly tights
Silver gloves
Silver shoes

Silver wig
Battery operated lights
ipod shuffle with speakers

<p>Where did you find the mirrored fabric? Thanks!</p>
<p>Love love this costume. I want to try to create it this year!</p><p>Instead of the acrylic dome I'm thinking of heavy duty paper mache - do you think if I layer it like 5x it will be strong enough to hold the mirror tiles? Were those heavy?</p><p>Also - which mini speakers did you buy? Where do you hold them in your costume?</p><p>Thanks so much for the creativity, you looked amazing!</p>
<p>how buy the:</p><p>mirrored material (3 2x2 sheets)<br>2 24&quot; plastic domes</p>
<p>I can't believe the dome is soooo expensive I'm trying to make one for 2014 halloween and just the cost of the materials are steep. Any way you'd rent this costume and cost if I emailed you my zip code ? I'd pay for shipping.</p>
Well, that is amazing. I am in awe.
I wonder if using narrow masking tape, and painting the ball silver or aluminum, would give a reasonable facsimile of a disco ball? Would have to be much lighter, and maybe less expensive. Then again it may not have the WOW factor of actual mirror tiles.
&quot;Reasonable facsimile of a disco ball&quot;?? No way... You would end up looking like a large steel ball bearing!
Wonderful costume with great details! Have you seen any of those mirrors online? I'd like to work on something similar but not finding the mirror material locally. Thanks for a great job!
Great way to cover up fat.
Be good for pregnant women too :)<br />
or beer-bellys...
My thoughts exactly!
Pretty good. looks like something you might see in "precialla Queen of the Desert"
Hey, A! Your sissy sent me the link. Great costume! Christian requested printouts to take to his 2nd grade show and tell. :) Only a super creative person...you...could design a costume like this! P.S. Christian called you a hottie! :) Take care, Cousin K
Are you going to do one of these for your jellyfish costume from this year? She totally stood out in a sea of great costumes. Get it? Sea? I'm so punny.
Very cool! Could also work well as the Fernseherturm (Berlin's TV tower). I would try this, but wow 20 pounds? You are one strong lady!
what disco ball,hubba hubba
And I know it would be super dangerous and stupid, but this would be awesome on rollerblades.
Oh my God, I would wear those shoes even if I wasn't dressed as a disco ball. Those are KYOOOOT.
Super cool! Great job, you really do stand out, that was some fantastic costume!
Love this! I wonder what else could be used in place of the acrylic domes?
That's a question I went around and around as I tried to find a cheaper way to build this. I think paper mache with a wire frame wouldn't hold the weight of mirrors and it's shape... I couldn't find styrofoam balls that big, Industrial sized salad bowls weren't round enough... I looked into custom vacu-forming and settled on the ready made acrylic domes. They performed amazingly though! Not one crack.
atoz- What a coup you have pulled off! Excellent look back to "Light Show" days. The 'pimp' comment is a cheapening of this utterly rad I'ble. I say, ignore the trash and enoy the genius.
Clever Idea, and a good instructable outlining the construction of the costume. I can imagine many men where hoping the ball would split at the seams, and they would find that under garments where NOT worn.
Yep pretty darned rad and ingenious!
"Does this outfit make me look fat?" Really, very cool idea.
LOL, I was going to say that!
Hmmmmm turn around err yeah a bit !
Actually, paper mache can be amazingly strong, if you use high-quality glue and let it dry thoroughly. I bet you could make a low-cost dome using a hippity-hop ball or pilates ball and paper mache. Allow maybe 4 nights to layer on more paper and let dry thoroughly. You are basically making a 1/8" plywood sphere. The cost for this type of sphere should be < $30.00. This is one crazy idea !!!
I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!!!
HAHA. I was just having a debate with my friend regarding my Halloween costume and I decided I could be a disco ball, since I have disco leggings, disco sequin Chucks and disco ball earrings. All I need, I thought, is a disco ball skirt or hat! And them I stumbled upon your amazing design, which I might have to adapt into a nice bubble skirt :).
This is a wonderful costume! There is one thing I don't understand. Aren't the edges of all of those little mirrors dangerous? How do you keep your arms from getting scratched and cut? And couldn't someone get hurt if they accidently brush against you on the dance floor?
LOL...no, it's safe, the mirrors tiled together to make a smooth surface. I did caution people against rubbing my budda belly though!!
looks a little bulky
oh my gawd thats awesome!!!!! it makes me want to go trick-or-treat-ing!!
This is a great project, but I might suggest including info on where to get your supplies. Mirror sheets and large acrylic domes aren't exactly household items.
I did mention that I got the mirrors at Kit Kraft hobby store... it's in Studio City, CA. The domes I purchased at Solter Plastics in West LA... I've also seen them in other plastic supply stores, places that sell security camera equipment, and available online as well.
Oops, I hadn't noticed that! thanks for pointing it out.
The iPod and speakers are a nice touch.
Kudos to you girl!! That is like the best costume that I have ever seen. I love seeing other people being really creative! Nicely done!
Good project. Nice job with the instructable.
Oh, that's great!<br/><br/><sub>only one tiny improvement suggestion--where's the silver lipstick? ;-)</sub><br/>
5* Lol now we need a pimp costume.<br/>
Most excellent - why is it people never rate great ibles? oh well. 5 from me!
If necessary, watch the music video for 'Dance Hall Days' by Wang Chung for further inspiration
That is so awesome!!
This is amazing. Great work. :D

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