Picture of Misfits Skull Lamp
This may have been done before, but here's my version.

A very simple method to transfer your favorite design onto a lamp.

I've chosen the skull logo from band, The Misfits.

If you're not familiar with them check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misfits_(band)
Also I recommend the songs, 'Forbidden Zone' & 'Lost in Space'

Obviously you can choose any design you want but this instructable will be tailored toward the skull design.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
Firstly you need a lamp with a fabric shade. This sort is available in ASDA for £2. Any lamp with a light coloured fabric shade will do though.

You will also need:
- a Pencil
- Fine Tipped brush
- Larger Brush
- Black Paint, acrylic, oil or fabric paints are best.
- 2 - 3 hours time and a little patience

Now you need to get your source image. To find the skull type 'misfits' into google images, or find your own design.

If picking your own design try to find one with:

- Only one or two colours.
- Large blocks of colour as well as some blank areas for light to shine through.
- Not too much small intricate detail.
VyVenom5 years ago
I absolutely love this. I have a plain lampshade I painted black, but itjust doesn't look right on my sexy leg lamp. This will certainlycompliment it. :) Kudos 138
LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Nice! not my style, but I still really like the concept
madmanmoe64 (author)  LinuxH4x0r6 years ago
Well I can't expect everyone to be into American Punk Rock. :)
I like punk rock!
OKJEFF46 years ago
I've been thinking about painting my lampshade. I've just been afraid that acrylic paint will make the lamp overheat. Have you had any trouble with that?
madmanmoe64 (author)  OKJEFF46 years ago
No and I can't imagine i will, the majority of the heat will escape out of the top. Even if it were covered the acrylic is unlikely to cause overheating, I f you are worried get an energy saving bulb as they run at far lower temperatures.
noahh6 years ago
I noticed your clock is on military time. Where are you based?
madmanmoe64 (author)  noahh6 years ago
I'm afraid that's top secret.
Doctor What6 years ago
I like it! (and I like the jackhammer alarm clock!) Space invaders anybody? I would probably print out my design on paper, and then transfer it to the lamp, since my drawing skills are the equivalent of a dead horse.
jakee1176 years ago
sweet! really cool looking