Couldn't think of a good name for this machine... So I made it a paradox!

It has 8 paths and 5 lifts!

probobly uses around 5-6K pieces, but I am not sure. (And I am to lazy to count lol)

Took me almost 2 weeks to film/edit, and only 4 hours!

Also, this machine is incredibly camera shy! (like all my knex machines...) I tested everything before filming, and everything is working around 80% of the time. And then the camera turns on... suddenly, everything works only ~10% of the time! it's like magic!

I know, it sounds like coincidence... but when I put the ball down the track and it works, then I turn the camera on and try 20 times in a row and they all fail... then I try without filming and it works first try... I'm just saying.

Vid link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le6zpYgMg5A&t=17s

<p>PLEASE MAKE INSTRUCTIONS! If you do that, I will favorite all of your instructables and follow you!</p>
<p>haha! Thanks!</p><p> Unfortunately, I have taken most of it down already. :( But I wouldn't have wanted to make instructions for it anyway due to lots of inconsistencies in the machine. (mostly because I was running out of pieces, but also because I was lazy and wanted to be done ;) ) </p><p>However, I do think it would be cool to make another machine and spend more time making sure it's good enough for instructions.</p><p>(I am planning on making instructions on the weird custom chain lift thang though)</p>
<p>Ok. I'll follow you anyway!</p>
<p>Wow ! Awesome ball machine ! They always gets better one after the others ! keep going :D</p>
<p>Thats craazy bro </p>

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