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Introduction: Misnomer - Knex Ball Machine

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Couldn't think of a good name for this machine... So I made it a paradox!

It has 8 paths and 5 lifts!

probobly uses around 5-6K pieces, but I am not sure. (And I am to lazy to count lol)

Took me almost 2 weeks to film/edit, and only 4 hours!

Also, this machine is incredibly camera shy! (like all my knex machines...) I tested everything before filming, and everything is working around 80% of the time. And then the camera turns on... suddenly, everything works only ~10% of the time! it's like magic!

I know, it sounds like coincidence... but when I put the ball down the track and it works, then I turn the camera on and try 20 times in a row and they all fail... then I try without filming and it works first try... I'm just saying.

Vid link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le6zpYgMg5A&t=17s



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    PLEASE MAKE INSTRUCTIONS! If you do that, I will favorite all of your instructables and follow you!

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    haha! Thanks!

    Unfortunately, I have taken most of it down already. :( But I wouldn't have wanted to make instructions for it anyway due to lots of inconsistencies in the machine. (mostly because I was running out of pieces, but also because I was lazy and wanted to be done ;) )

    However, I do think it would be cool to make another machine and spend more time making sure it's good enough for instructions.

    (I am planning on making instructions on the weird custom chain lift thang though)

    Ok. I'll follow you anyway!

    Wow ! Awesome ball machine ! They always gets better one after the others ! keep going :D

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