Picture of Miso-rubbed Roast Turkey
Easy and super-tasty roast turkey makes even better gravy.
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Step 1: Make miso rub

Picture of Make miso rub
Acquire one large onion, a tub of miso paste, a couple of cloves of garlic, black pepper, and some nice extra-virgin olive oil.

Grate (on a microplane or ginger grater) or food-process the onion and garlic until you have at least half a cup of extremely fine puree. Make sure not to lose any of the onion juice. Mix in roughly an equal amount of miso paste, some freshly ground black pepper, and a dollop of olive oil. The result should be a nice brown color.

Step 2: Rub down turkey

Picture of Rub down turkey
Place your (fully thawed) turkey in its roasting pan, breast-side up. Make sure the bowl of miso rub is easily accessible.

Starting at the back of the bird (larger cavity) run your hands under the skin of the breast, and spread your fingers to detatch the skin from the meat. Wiggle your hand around to the leg/thigh area, detatching as you go. Spin the pan and do the same thing from the front of the bird. If this doesn't look positively indecent, you're not doing it right.

Scoop up some miso rub, and shove it in under the skin. It's fine to leave big miso lumps; you can massage the skin from the outside to spread it properly. Work about 75% of the rub in under the skin, trying to reach as much of the bird surface as possible. Flip the bird over, and rub a bit more into the surface of the skin on its back, then return to original belly-up position. Rub remaining miso onto the outside of the breast and leg skin.

Step 3: Roast bird

Picture of Roast bird
Place your fully-rubbed bird into a preheated 400F oven. Make sure to put a cookie sheet under the roasting pan if it's one of the disposables, as they can't really support much weight. For reference, this is a 24lb bird. I needed a bit of help getting it properly situated in my low oven.
Subvert6 years ago
Looks delicious. I bet the miso gives it a really strong savory/meaty flavor. Maybe try it with japanese pepper in place of, or in addition to the black pepper.
stimps6 years ago
How long is the rest of the cooking time? Thanks. =) I must try this.
arwen9 years ago
Ooh, this sounds awesome! I wish my oven worked:-) ps I LOVE the last image...