Step 3: Lamp Sockets

What I would do differently next time is the use of Bekelite lamp sockets. I guess back then I didn't have other sockets and I had to cover the bare wires with electrical tape.
To mount them insert 1 piece of threaded pipe in the 1/2" to 3/8" reducer with a nut attached to the 1/2" side. The nut won't slip throught the 3/8" opening. Secure with a second lock-nut. The lamp socket has a female 1/8" thread so that you can screw it on the pipe.
Attach the #18 lamp cord to the screw terminals in the socket.
You got the touch......that's just smooth.
This is a brilliant idea to hide the energy saving bulbs on a very, very pretty way! :-)<br><br>It looks like one of these wonderful gas light chandeliers.<br><br>With kind regards,<br><br>Horatius Steam
Gentlemen, you make me blush :)<br>Thank you for your kind comments and I have to admit that I always get some inspiration from your creations.<br>Keep up the good work MrMr. Junophor and Steam
Hi Miss Betsy <br><br>I am deeply impressed of your objects<br><br>As Horatius Steam already wrote; It reminds me to old gas lights too! Very cool I have to hurry and take to look in my copper tube storage.......<br><br><br>Keep up your work!!<br>Aeon Junophor <br>
wow i think edsion style bulbs would look amzing in that heres a link http://www.amazon.com/Bulbrite-134020-Nostalgic-Edison-Loop-style/dp/B0030B3ROW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1333823461&amp;sr=8-2
These lamps sure look good but nobody can really appreciate them with the shades on so these energy saver ones do the job.

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