Step 4: Putting the Parts Together

I made a cut-out for the solar cell in a foam board and secured it with some hot glue. Copper foil "beautified" the unsightly gap on top. This worked fine as base of the light.
I really like your nightlight. I too have a passion for working with copper tubing. I made some bath towel holders I may share one if I ever get around to it. Have you hooked a volt meter to the light to see if the battery's recharge at all from the LED's out put?
I like the way it looks in the thumbnail. Sort of like a Solar powered steam mantid. (Steamantid??) <br> <br>This is awesome.
Way cool. <br>
From crappy junk to elegant.....I love it.
could I use PVC pipes and spray them bronze? I only get &Acirc;&pound;30 p/month :'(
Why sure you can. You can use any junk laying around :) Let your fantasy work and show us the results!<br>Good luck!
I see alot of copper here did you win the lottery? (Sorry a bad joke from our last conversation,) <br> <br> The project looks really good I like it. <br> <br>I assume the round decorations on the top are marbles? <br> <br>I think everyone who has ever built something has has someone come up after and say why didn't you..bla bla bla, well I'm not going to do that but I will add <br>that afer looking at it for a while I thought it would be so cool to have a second <br>set of LED's inside the tube pointing to the glass balls to give a soft night light <br>effect. <br> <br>Sorry that just popped out most likely from a desire to make a small back lit board using a peice of chrome plated grate material that covers some lighting fixtures and then putting colored marbles in the holes to create a cool effect, TOTALLY off topic, most likely derived from some childhood trama.....
Unfortunately I didn't win the lottery so I have to continue working as nurse Ratched but to get rid of the frustration, I hoard all these beautiful shiny copper fittings and pipes. (And on a professional side note, 'trama' must result when a drama queen throws a temper tantrum resulting from a childhood trauma...)<br><br>Toootally on topic, I actually thought of illuminating the 'eyes' (marbles) but then I was wondering how long the battery would last with 4 LED's ? Of course if you use it just as nightlight for your kids (or yourself) illuminate just the marbles and that just gave me an idea... thx to you
All I will say is SPDT as a person who knows her switches you will recognize the nomenclature (single pole double throw) would be the solution. <br> <br>Ahh heck I'll never post this project as an instructable so I'll show you a couple of pics of a lamp I made last year still running on a recharagble 18650 ultrafire batt. <br> <br>It has red, green, blue and 3 settings of white, I just love it I can drag it from room to room and never wake the wife or kids, great for camping too. <br> <br>My light used a multi position swt, and a diode on every pole to prevent back feed between the LEDS High out put jobs cost me like 5 dollars each, could somebody please cue up &quot;Hey Big Spender&quot; <br> <br>All that and I stayed in the be nice policy, sorry it's staring me in the face as if I wasn't already..... <br> <br>Oh the phinnial is the switch knob. <br> <br>PS I assume you are using a dropping resistor to make the LEDS run as long as possible on a single charge, I like a 85 to 90 percent voltage of max recommended. <br> <br>I have a web site with a free calculator if you need it, geeze this is turning into a book not a post.
Congratulations on your creation, it definitely would be worth a separate instructable! I and many other readers would sure love to see this lamp in action!
Check out the latest, it's got switches high voltage and it's steampunk
Hi Miss Betsy<br><br>A very stylish creation. Great job<br><br>Now I know what to do with my solar powered garden lights I bought 6 of them for 5 Euros as a sold out campaign ;-) Please allow me to follow your instructable. To varify your plan I will ad some neon glowing bulbs (from a friend in Alaska you surely know him, &quot;the winter time is so long there;-))))&quot; ) instead of the marbles. So I can use two sources for the nightlight: The white bright shinig LED or the soft glowing Neon light<br><br>I&acute;ll send you some pictures after finishing<br>Cheers Aeon Junophor
Very nice design! I like it.
That's awesome!
Thank you very much coming from an artist like you :)
Shucks, MissBetsy...No, thank you!
cute. I like it.
I like the design, looks like a praying mantis.

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