Step 12: Keyboard illumination

Picture of Keyboard illumination
Looking at my steampunk keyboard, it looked quite plain to me. So I decided to add a keyboard illumination. (For further information look for "keyboard LED" on this site)
Some brainstorming over a glass of $5 wine (can something good come from that???) and I had an idea how to accomplish this.
As you can see, I attached an arm to the connecting pipe which contains 2 bright LED's (13.000 mcd) hooked up to the 5V supply of the key board. (LED calculator)
In hindsight I would attach a street 45 degree fitting directly to the T (it would fold nicer)
Mojo_JoJo5 years ago
Very interesting project, great work !!!
Here's a suggestion for the steam gauge, use a voltmeter that looks like a steam gauge but hook it to the hard disk activity LED indicator. This way everytime there is HDD activity the steam gauge would show some movement. You could add more gauges for temperature and fan speed as well.