Miss La Sen 6 Petal Pinwheel



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Introduction: Miss La Sen 6 Petal Pinwheel

The Asian people think that the pinwheels in the temples which can use for decoration and change their life, destiny. With this guide, you can make the 6 petal pinwheel easily.

Step 1: Download the Pattern. Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Trace It on the Art Paper and Cut It Down.

Step 3: Fold 6 Petal Like the Picture.

Step 4: Insert the Bamboo Bar Onto the Pinwheel. You Can Cut the Round Shapes, Stars, Flowers... to Decorate on the Pinwheel.

Step 5: You Can Cut the Small Sample Below for the Smaller Pinwheel. It Is Similar to the Picture.

Step 6: Download This Pattern for Miss La Sen Shape and Print It Out in A4 Size Paper. Put It Under the Pinwheel.

Step 7: Finally You Have Miss La Sen Pinwheel.

Step 8: You Can Make the Miss La Sen 8 Petal Pinwheel When Using This Pattern.



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