Introduction: Miss La Sen Garland for Festival

On festival or wedding, people often make the garlands for decoration.

Step 1: Cut a Square 20 Cm X 20 Cm on Paper.

Step 2: Fold This Square Into 2 Equal Triangles.

Step 3: Fold This Square Into 4 Equal Triangles

Step 4: Draw the Ligns Like the Picture

Step 5: Cut the Ligns Like the Picture

Step 6: The Square Becomes Like That

Step 7: Cut Another Square Like the Picture

Step 8: Glue 2 Square Together

Step 9: Spread 2 Squares. Make Many Squares and Glue Them Together, You Have the Garland to Decorate for Wedding, Festival

Step 10: Download This Pattern for Miss La Sen Shape and Print It in A4 Size Paper. Cut the Elements and Glue Them Together. Put It Under the Garland.


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