Introduction: Miss La Sen Glass Paper Box Lantern

MIss La Sen is character in Sorim story boardgame, Hi La Sen- Hi Nice Life song, Miss La Sen spring rolls,..

Step 1: Download This Pattern for the Lantern Form and Print It in A2 Size Paper.

Step 2: Download This Pattern for the Miss La Sen Shape and Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 3: Trace the Lantern Pattern on the Thick Foam, Its Thickness 5mm So That It Has the Strong Base.

Step 4: Cut 4 Rectangles on the 4 Parts of the Lantern So That You Can Glue the Glass Paper Onto Them Later.

Step 5: Use the Glass Paper Sheet. Cut 4 Rectangles on This Paper to Glue Onto the 4 Parts of the Lantern.

Step 6: Glue 4 Glass Paper Rectangles Onto the 4 Parts of the Lantern.

Step 7: Glue the Edges of 4 Parts Together.

Step 8: Cut the Miss La Sen’s Head on the Foam

Step 9: Cut the Dress on the Foam.

Step 10: Cut the Headband, the Flower. Glue Them Onto the Head.

Step 11: Cut the Blue Bow, Glue It Onto the Headband. ​

Continue to cut the eyes, mouth, cheeks, arms, shoes...Glue them together.

Step 12: Glue Miss La Sen Onto the Lantern

Insert the zinc wire into 2 ends of the lantern to hold it. Put the tea-light candle in the lantern and burn it. Done.


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