Miss La Sen is popular in boardgame, cartoon clips, comic book and specially Miss La Sen spring rolls.The recycled craft items can inspire creativity for kids of all ages

Step 1: Download This Pattern for the Bottom Lotus and Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Download This Pattern for the Miss La Sen Shape and Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 3: Use an Old Plastic Bottle.

Step 4: Cut the Bottle Into 2 Parts. Take the Bottom Part.

Step 5: Use the Felt to Cover the Vase.

Step 6: Cut the Miss La Sen Head on the Foam or Felt.

Step 7: Cut the Dress

Step 8: Glue the Headband, Flower Onto the Head.

Step 9: Glue the Bow Onto the Headband, Glue the Eyes, Mouth, Cheeks Onto the Face.

Step 10: Glue the Head Onto the Dress, Glue the Arms and the Shoes Onto the Dress.

Step 11: Cut the 4 Petal Flower.

Step 12: Glue the Arrow Tabs Onto the Next Petals.

Step 13: Glue the Miss La Sen Onto the Vase. Glue the 4 Petal- Flower Onto the Vase.

Step 14: Put the Ornamental Tree in the Vase and Hang It. Done. You Have the Miss La Sen Hanging Recycle Tree Vase.

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